She broke down her a.m. and p.m. beauty routine step by step, plus how her diet comes into play.

By Renee Cherry
September 14, 2018
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Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

If Sofia Vergara's glowing makeup-free selfie is any indication, she takes skin care seriously. Luckily for anyone who's curious about her methods, the actress spilled the details on how she scores such a radiant complexion. As the cover star of Health's beauty issue, Vergara spelled out exactly what goes into her day-to-day skin maintenance.

First off, she's modified her routine over the years: "I used to do masks and scrubs and rubs and things-I mean, I'm crazy about products-but I've had to simplify as I've gotten older," she told Health. "I have rosacea-it's redness and sensitivity. If you put on too much stuff, there is irritation, so I have to keep it very simple." That means retinol and vitamin C products, both in moderation. Both are skin-care all-stars: Retinol stimulates collagen and speeds up cell turnover, and vitamin C combats discoloration.

The Modern Family star broke down the specifics of her daily routine. She keeps things simple in the a.m., just making sure to apply an SPF under her makeup (15 if she'll be staying inside that day, higher if not). At night, she'll remove her makeup with a natural sea sponge that she replaces weekly and then wash her face with mild soap. (BTW, you can order an affordable 12-pack of the sponges on Amazon.) Then she'll treat her skin depending on her plans for the next day. "If I'm like, 'Oh, I'm free for a week,' I do a retinol treatment more aggressively," she explained. "But if I cannot be red the next day, I just put moisturizer on." Lastly, she applies calendula oil, which has potential anti-inflammatory benefits.

When it comes to diet (since, yes, your diet does affect your skin) Vergara includes vegetables, blueberries, green tea, and chamomile tea with collagen powder, and drinks "lots of water." Her plan of attack is smart. Veggies contain phytochemicals that benefit skin, and blueberries are rich in antioxidants. Studies have suggested that green tea has protective effects against UV damage, whether it's applied topically or consumed. Collagen supplements have been associated with increased skin elasticity. Finally, drinking enough water can help to prevent dehydration, which makes fine lines more noticeable-and, honestly, benefits everything else in your body too.

While genetics and a team of pros likely have a hand in Vergara's glow, her skin-care routine surely plays a large part. At least on a day-to-day basis, she keeps it relatively simple. Now that you've satisfied your curiosity about Vergara's skin, find out how Jenna Dewan gets her everyday tousled wavy hair.


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