She shut it down in four amazing words.

By By Renee Cherry
July 05, 2017

Kelly Clarkson just taught us all a lesson on how to respond to a body-shamer. Yesterday, when she tweeted in celebration of the Fourth of July, a troll replied with "You're fat." Instead of ignoring or scolding the troll (both valid options), Kelly fired back with: "...and still fucking awesome." (Here's another great response.)

This isn't your average self-defense tweet, though. Kelly managed to convey an important message in just four words: your weight doesn't define you. Even if the singer did put on a few pounds, it doesn't make her any less accomplished, talented, or, well, "fucking awesome." People throw around the word "fat" to diminish women, and Kelly simply wasn't having it.

Kelly has had a long and successful career since becoming the OG American Idol in 2002. She's won three Grammys and released a slew of catchy chart-toppers. And yet she's gotten almost as much attention for her body as for her accomplishments. (Sadly, she's not alone: Here are 20 more celebrities who receive criticism for their curves.)

The road to a fat-shaming-free world is a long one, but for now, we're all about Kelly's classy clap back.


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