When an Instagrammer edited her face to "show off" her editing skills, the comedian was quick to call her out.

By Renee Cherry
January 18, 2019
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

No one can accuse Amy Schumer of putting up a front on Instagram-quite the contrary. Lately, she's even been posting videos of herself vomiting (yes, for a reason). So when she found out that someone had posted a photo of her that had been altered to look more "Insta-ready," she called them out. (Related: Amy Schumer Is Horrified by People Who Don't Eat Carbs)

The account, @get_insta_ready (which is no longer active, BTW), posted a photo of Schumer alongside an edited version of the photo, seemingly to advertise photo editing services. A screenshot posted by E! reveals that the user captioned the photo "Like what I did with Amy Schumer? I will do that for you too," with hashtags like #slimface, #enlargeeyes, #contoured, and #noselift. Schumer commented on the post, pointing out the snowball effect that those type of before-and-after photos can have. "Woof this is not good for our culture," she wrote. "I like how I look and don't want to look like a carbon copy of this one type woman you feel is the best way to look." (Schumer isn't the only celeb to call out the overly photoshopped images online and in ads. Jameela Jamil has been outspoken about the dangerous practice and her disdain for unhealthy celeb endorsements.)

You're not having déjà vu. Schumer responded to a similar incident earlier this year when an Instagram user posted a photo of her in a bikini alongside a photoshopped version. At the time, in response to the user's comment that she looked better in the edited version, she wrote, "I disagree. I like how I really look. That's my body. I love my body for being strong and healthy and sexy. I look like I'd give a good hug or have a drink with you. The other picture looks nice but it's not me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. See, we're both right."

It's also far from the first time that Schumer has pointed out society's effed-up beauty standards. She starred in I Feel Pretty, which was meant to draw light to the standards, even if the execution proved controversial. While promoting the film, she opened up about feeling pressure to fit the typical Hollywood body type. "I'm what Hollywood calls 'very fat,'" she said on Amy Schumer: The Leather Special. "Before I did anything, somebody like explained to me, 'Just so you know, Amy, no pressure, but if you weigh over 140 pounds, it will hurt people's eyes," she recalls. "And I was like 'Okay.' I just bought it. I was like, 'Okay, I'm new to town. So I lost weight." She lost weight for roles before eventually coming to appreciate her body. (When posing nude for the 2016 Pirelli calendar, she said she felt more beautiful than ever.)

At this point, the practice of photoshopping and FaceTune-ing photos is so commonplace that they seem like NBD, which is why Schumer's comments are such an important reality check. Anything is Insta-ready if you're simply ready to post it.


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