What is this magic and how do we get it?

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: July 25, 2016

The internet has never been known for being a safe place for your self-esteem, thanks to angry, hurtful commenters. But now there may be a new tool coming to help cut down on online harassment and bullying-in the form of a new Instagram filter. The catch? It's just for the rich and famous, starting with Taylor Swift. (More: 10 Times Taylor Swift and Her Squad Proved Body Confidence Is the Ultimate Goal)

Last week's news was all about how Kim Kardashian posted an incriminating video catching the singer in a lie about Kardashian's husband Kanye West. Almost immediately, Swift's social media accounts were inundated with negative comments, mostly in the form of snake emojis.

But the Shake It Off singer isn't letting it get to her, with some high-tech help. Instagram is reportedly allowing Swift to use a new special filter that automatically deletes negative comments. "In an unprecedented move, the photo-sharing site Instagram has quietly handed the American singer a unique 'tool' that enables her to remove only negative or abusive comments made in response to images she has posted," The Times reports.

An anti-negativity filter? What kind of genius is this and where can the rest of us get one? Instagram hasn't exactly confirmed this as the reason for the disappearance of hundreds of comments, but "we're always looking for ways to help people have a positive experience with comments on Instagram," an Instagram spokesperson told the Daily Mail. "We're currently focused on providing tools to improve accounts with the most high-volume comment threads. We will use our learnings to continue to improve the comment experience on Instagram."

A filter that stops blatant abuse, sexual harassment, and bullying would be a dream come true. (And frankly, it's way past time this happened.) Still, the technology isn't widely available yet. So in the meantime, the rest of us will just need to work on making our environments more positive the old-fashioned way-by being a little kinder and gentler to both ourselves and those around us.



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