Let's stop creating hygiene problems that don't exist, shall we?

By By Renee Cherry
Updated: July 20, 2017

Here's a thing you should know about your vagina: it doesn't require a million products. Sure, you can get a bikini wax or shave if that's your thing (although you certainly don't need to), and fancy washes and fragrances are similarly unnecessary.

Fed up after seeing an ad for peach vaginal spray, model Tess Holliday wrote on Twitter and Instagram that she uses special scents for no one. "I ain't smellin like an orchard bc ur a baby," she wrote. Holliday also pointed out a glaring double standard when it comes to hygiene products, writing "Where is the men's d*ck freshener?" It's true-these types of "freshening" products are usually targeted at women. See: Stop Telling Me I Need to Buy Things for My Vagina.

"Also let me clarify & say I'm all about our choices to do whatever we want with our bodies! However when I see all this marketing towards women on not having 'smelly' vaginas that's corporate BS from men who think we are around just for their pleasure," she wrote on Instagram. (Related: Tess Holliday Reminds Us That Moms of Every Size Deserve to "Feel Sexy & Desired")

Experts agree that the vagina is fine 'as is.' "The vagina is a healthy 'self-cleaning' organ," Mache Seibel, M.D., author of The Estrogen Window previously told us. "It requires a balance between 'good' and 'bad' bacteria to remain healthy, and throughout most of a woman's life it does a great job on its own." So, no, you don't need special products to keep it clean.

As for all the fancy sprays? "DO YOU," as Holliday says, but this writer will be keeping her signature scent on her wrist.




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