Tia Mowry Speaks Up About the Importance of 'Showing the Real You' After Pregnancy

The actress posted a photo of her abs on Instagram and reflected on her "beautiful journey" after having two children.

Tia Mowry wearing a colorful denim jacket against a purple background
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You can always count on Tia Mowry to keep it real with her 10 million Instagram followers. In a recent post on the platform, Mowry gave advice to her fans dealing with self-image alongside a series of selfies. "Never be nervous about showing the real you!" Mowry wrote in her caption. In the photos, the 43-year-old actress is wearing black leggings and a green blazer with a fresh face and her hair pulled back. In the first of the three photos, she's exposing her abs.

"After having two babies, it's been my goal to get back into shape the natural way," she continued. "This is me now 3 years post giving birth to Cairo. I have the stretch marks that indicate the beautiful journey, and I wouldn't change it for the world." She finished off the caption by offering a friendly reminder to others about self-love. "Ladies embrace your natural body and never ever be ashamed to," she wrote, adding, "(And yes that's grey hair 😉)." (

This isn't the first time Mowry has spoken out about embracing and loving her post-pregnancy body on her social media platforms. Back in October, she posted a carousel on Instagram with photos of herself during and after pregnancy. In the caption, she wrote that she was "super proud of BOTH bodies" throughout her journey. "Mamas, we can allow our bodies to just BE while we nourish them (and our little ones!) with good things, instead of buying into the snapback culture," she wrote. (

The Sister, Sister alum has shown time and time again that she's passionate about speaking out against the societal idea of "snapping back" after giving birth. In another Instagram post in 2019, she shared a 17-month post-pregnancy "check-in" and shared details on her fitness journey, advising her followers not to "fold to societal pressures."

"I was called #fat during my #pregnancy and I was called #fat after my #pregnancy," she wrote in the caption. "Why do we do this to each other? Instead of #love one another other?" Mowry also shared that she was getting close to reaching her health goals and did so by going at her own pace. "After hard work with just diet and exercise, today I'm closer to my goal. Do I have loose skin and stretch marks? YES. Guess what?? I LOVE all me and I want you to love all of you too."

At a time when edited and filtered moments are all over social media, Mowry's transparency and positivity about herself and her body are truly refreshing.

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