Sharing your fitness feelings through text is about to get a lot more fun!

By Alyssa Sparacino
Updated: May 11, 2016

For all the times you want to send your BFF an emoji text or bitmoji that says, "I just killed it in the gym," but were left with no better option than the basic bicep curl icon, there are now tons of different ways to relay your "I'm a beast" sentiment (besides, you know, words). Just download Fitmoji by Shaun T. (Speaking of limited emoji options, Do Emojis Limit Girls to Stereotypes?)

The creator of the Insanity fitness program empire launched the app (which is available for download on Apple devices or Google Play for $1.99) today with 150 original stickers that include a ripped version of just about every body part (upgraded bicep flex and all!), sliced avocado, and even Shaun T wearing a shirt with bacon on it, because, you know, bacon. (ICYMI, even Starbucks Has Its Very Own Emoji Keyboard.)

You can go beyond fun illustrations-Fitmoji includes 20 original audio tracks and 12 videos for a boost of motivation when you need it most, 22 original memes (as well as two others that are customizable so you can say whatever you want in meme form), and even gifs like Shaun lifting his shirt to reveal those coveted abs. Isn't everything just better as a gif?

Dedicated students of Insanity will love sending a sticker of Shaun T's signature motivational slogan "Trust and Believe," but with so many options, any fan of fitness and emojis (so, basically everyone) will love expressing themself through Fitmojis. No, go on, send that buns of steel icon-we know those Booty-Sculpting Moves from Shaun T have paid off!



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