This isn't the first time people have policed the singer's body.

By Faith Brar

This weekend Rihanna received her ninth Grammy and delivered an epic performance to her hit song "Wild Thoughts." But rather than focusing on the Riri's achievements, several Twitter trolls shared nasty and unwarranted comments about her body. Why are we still commenting on women's bodies? (Related: Why Kesha's Grammys Performance Is So Important)

For starters, some questioned whether she was pregnant-going as far as predicting the sex of the baby. Others overanalyzed her entire performance, saying it was designed to cover up the singer's body. "THIS IS A SERIOUS QUESTION-is Rihanna pregnant? They're hiding her behind back up dancers in this performance. She put a little weight on and her outfits are all hiding her midsection," someone wrote.

Some people took it a step further, calling her "fat as hell" and claiming that she must be having "an all you can eat buffet at every meal of the day." (Yes, people really are this cruel.)

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time people have gone out of their way to comment on Rihanna's weight. Barstool Sports found themselves in hot water last year after publishing a story about how Rihanna may make "fat the hot new trend this summer" because of some weight she'd gained. (Don't worry, Riri fans took down the sexist a-hole in a series of epic tweets.)

The comments following the story got to the point where Riri had to step in herself, commenting on a fan's Instagram video (that's since been taken down) saying: "Somebody called me too fat?" with three laugh-crying emojis, basically proving she has no time for people's BS. Work.


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