She's excited about her progress.

By People
Updated: August 27, 2018

Brittany Cartwright is thrilled with her "wedding body" progress.

The Vanderpump Rules star, 29, revealed that she's lost 25 lbs. as she preps for her upcoming wedding to fiancé and castmate Jax Taylor. (Related: Celebrity Before & After Photos: Weight Loss Success)

"I normally don't post stuff like this but I'm feelin' good," Cartwright posted on Instagram, along with a bikini selfie. "Still working on that wedding body of course, but I'm so proud of my progress."

The server at SUR also told E! that she does want to slim down for her wedding, but her real priority in losing weight is to be "happy and healthy." (Related: 9 Celebrities Who Are Losing Weight the Right Way)

"Being healthy and fit makes me feel so much more confident and happy with myself," she said. "It feels really great when you start seeing results and your old clothes start to fit again."

Cartwright said that she started working out more, and found that running and interval training "really helped jumpstart my weight loss."

"I also started going to classes at Sweat Garage and it helped to keep me focused and have direction instead of trying to go to the gym and workout on my own," she said. (Related: The Top 10 Workouts Celebs Swear By)

She also cleaned up her diet to focus on healthy foods-with a few exceptions.

"I still have to have my cheat days! I try to eat clean for the most part, eating salads cooking a lot of baked chicken and vegetables at home, but I love my cheat days. I just make sure I have them in moderation now," she said.

And she emphasized that anyone can get healthier-they just have to realize that it "doesn't happen overnight."

"My weight has always fluctuated so I was getting down on myself, but once you change those habits that aren't making you feel like you, and start a healthier lifestyle, you feel great and you get that 'sparkle' right back!" she said. (Related: When Your Weight Fluctuates: What's Normal and What's Not)

Cartwright said that Taylor, 39, lost "a lot of weight" too, and has supported her through the process.

The couple announced their engagement on June 8, after a rocky year. But Cartwright told People that they're in a great place now.

"We just have been so happy. I can't even be upset with him, I can't stop smiling," she said at the beginning of the month. "We're doing very good. It's just such a happy time right now."

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