The unnamed "celebrity nutritionist" also called her "fat" and "a mess" and encouraged her to stay in an underweight BMI range.

By Faith Brar
April 05, 2018

Bridget Malcolm has made a name for herself in the modeling world by repping several A-list fashion brands including Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren, and Stella McCartney. But-sadly, not at all surprisingly-her journey to success hasn't been easy. The 26-year-old model recently opened up about her experience with a so-called celebrity nutritionist who body-shamed her into keeping her BMI in the underweight range, putting her on an 800-calorie-a-day diet plan, according to People.

"This person took my fat measurements, and claimed me to be 'a mess,'" Malcolm wrote on her blog. "My BMI was in the underweight range ... Any trained dietitian would probably recommend me putting on a few pounds. But this person thought I needed 'all the help I could get' to lose that pesky extra weight that was regulating my hormones and keeping me healthy."

She added that the nutritionist put her on a strict 800-calorie plan that consisted mostly of shakes, steamed vegetables, and supplements that she had to buy directly from them.

"I happily went along with their plan for a few months, lost loads of weight, along with my period, my digestion, and nearly my relationship," Malcolm wrote.

Once she reached her goal weight, Malcolm started to eat normally again. Unsurprisingly, she gained back all the weight she'd lost and then some, which led her to return to the diet again. (Related: The 10 Rules of Weight Loss That Last)

"I had pressure on me from all sides telling me to lose weight. So I went back. This time a little heavier," she said. "My BMI had been moved from underweight to healthy for the first time since I was 14. In that sense, this pseudo-nutritionist had done their job, albeit through an extremely unnecessary, roundabout way."

The nutritionist then brutally body-shamed Malcolm. "I walked in, measurements were taken, they looked me in the eye and said, 'you are fat,'" Malcolm wrote. "I was astounded! Never in all my years of modeling had someone come straight out and said I was fat." (Related: I Was Fat-Shamed By My Doctor and Now I'm Hesitant to Go Back)

Even though she knew it wasn't healthy, Malcolm said she still went back on the diet two more times, battling through "lethargy, mild depression, and anxiety," plus panic attacks for months.

Thankfully, with the help of her husband, Malcolm was able to get off the program she had been on for three years-and give up dieting for good. "I had completely lost any idea of what to eat-I had no idea when I was hungry or what I even liked," she said. "But slowly, one step at a time (that's also another story) I found myself where I am today."

Malcolm hopes that by sharing her story, the fashion industry will be pushed to put an end to the unhealthy dieting culture. "I just want our bodies to not be these instruments of control anymore," she said. "I want us to demand freedom. Because we will get there."