Yet another reason we want her as our BFF

By Lauren Mazzo

Even if you grit your teeth during "Shake It Off" or refuse to sing along to "Bad Blood," the video Taylor Swift posted on Instagram this morning will undoubtedly make you love her-because what's more relatable than attempting to rap to Drake and having an epic #gymfail?

We all have those moments where we step on the "dreadmill" and would trade our firstborn for our workout to just. be. over. T-Swift starts off the Apple Music ad by saying, "man, I hate cardio," and, girl, we feel you there. (Might as well put that on a t-shirt and add it to this list of Graphic Tees That Know How We Really Feel About Working Out.)

But just like Drake and Future make the perfect (although dangerous) fuel to T-Swift's treadmill game, all you need is a kickass motivational playlist to totally turn your workout around. After all, studies have shown that music lowers the perceived effort level during exercise and can help you run faster than if you went without. Plus, if you pair your workout with the right music-power, beat-fueled, cool-down, etc.-then you're so much more likely to push through the pain. (But, seriously, resist the urge to treadmill dance. You will end up like with a gym fail story like this.)

Of course, you don't need to distract yourself with music if you're actually enjoying your workout. Read: Treadmills are not the enemy, you guys! Try going backwards, sideways, in short tabata bursts, or up hills to avoid boredom, or hop on one of these other unique cardio machines to change your range of motion.

And next time you're jamming so hard to your workout beats that you trip over a dumbbell or get caught taking a cheesy selfie, just make like Taylor and shake it off (sorry, had to!).

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