You are not going to want to miss this show of athleticism

By Faith Brar
March 31, 2016

Justin Trudeau has quickly become Canada's hottest Prime Minister. And it turns out that along with being blessed with exceptional looks, J.T. is also a famed feminist, advocate for refugees, and yogi.


Trudeau actually retweeted this picture of himself back in 2013, and it recently went viral after a yoga teacher posted it to his Facebook wall. The 44-year-old is in perfect form, performing the mayurasana or peacock pose, one of the most advanced arm balance poses in yoga. The pose is extremely challenging and requires you to hover your entire body weight over the ground using just your biceps and forearms. Somehow, Trudeau manages to perfectly strike the pose, on a table, while maintaining an effortless smile on his face. Like, how?

Trudeau might have his genes to thank for his athletic streak. His father, late former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, was also into yoga.

Before his days as a renowned world leader, Justin Trudeau was a snowboarding instructor in the 1990s and even taught as a high school drama teacher for a hot second. Seriously, is there anything wrong this man?

Though his athleticism is impressive, Trudeau isn't the only head of state with impressive athletic abilities. Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for doing manly things like weight lifting and infamously riding horses shirtless. (Uhh, not sure how we feel about that though.) One thing's for sure: Clearly our current presidential candidates have a ton of catching up to do in the fitness department.