The Kardashian health nut has a new body boost—liquid probiotics. Here's what you need to know about the white drink you see Kourt drinking on the show

By By Colleen Travers
Updated: September 01, 2016

Kourtney Kardashian could (and probably should) write a book on all of her health rules. Between keeping busy with her businesses, a reality show empire, and her three kids, the star is one of the trimmest and healthiest celeb moms. You already know what she eats for lunch, but last week on KUWTK Kourtney was spotted sipping something you may start to see on store shelves more and more-liquid probiotics.

Probiotic drinks have been around for some time (Kourtney's bottle of choice is Bio-K+ Organic Brown Rice Probiotic in blueberry), but they are just starting to increase in popularity, and varieties are being stocked in the refrigerated section of more grocery stores and markets. The benefits of probiotics are big: They increase the number of good bacteria in your body and can help with digestive issues, impact your immune system, and affect sensitivity to leptin, the satiety hormone that plays a role in your appetite and metabolism. With 70 percent of your body's natural defenses found in the gut, that's reason enough to find more ways to incorporate more probiotics into your diet or consider taking a supplement.

The good old-fashioned way to get probiotics into your body is through fermented foods like sauerkraut, kefir, and Greek yogurt (as long as the label states it has live and active cultures on the seal). Aside from the yogurt, you probably aren't eating a ton of kefir or kimchi on a regular basis, so people have started to look for other surprising ways to eat more probiotics. Things like supplements, enriched granola bars, and drinks with added probiotics are the latest ways to get this good bacteria into your system (without having to munch on a fistful of sour pickles...ick).

But while the benefits may have you running out to the store to restock your pantry with probiotic packaged goods, some claim that food and drinks that don't naturally contain probiotics aren't worth your money. A study recently published in the journal Genome Medicine found that probiotic supplements had no beneficial effects to gut bacteria in healthy adults, though further research is needed to see the effects in adults with a digestive illness, such as IBS. Probiotic strains that are ingested from dry foods, such as chia seeds, don't live as long as those from cool, moist environments, such as the probiotics naturally found in yogurt.

So what's the verdict? Bio-K+ and other drinks like it contain nutrients (such as calcium and protein) on top of the added probiotics, so you're doing your body good either way. While you may not see the payoff after one bottle, over time, if you follow Kourtney's white-drink lead, you may experience less bloating, improved digestion, and a decrease in constipation. Leave it to a Kardashian to be a trendsetter-even in the kitchen.



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