The star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been sharing videos and photos of her CrossFit-style workouts on Instagram that have led to "accusatory" messages about her body.

By Faith Brar

Over the past few months, Whitney Way Thore, star of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has been sharing videos and photos of her working up a sweat while doing several CrossFit-style workouts. While she's received an overwhelming amount of support from fans for her nailing some pretty challengings moves, some people have bashed her of not losing weight despite putting in so much effort.

Obviously, sick of all the negative banter, Thore decided to take to Instagram and shut down her body-shamers once and for all. (Speaking of body-shaming, here are 20 celebrity bodies we need to stop talking about.)

"Recently I've gotten a lot of comments and DMs with an…accusatory nature, asking me questions like, 'If you work out so much, why don't you lose weight? What are you eating?' and things like…'If you're going to post workouts and not meals, that isn't fair; we're not getting the full picture,'" Thore wrote alongside a picture of herself.

She went on to say that before judging her so harshly, people should take into account all the details of her life that she doesn't necessarily share on social media. For instance, she explains that she has several food issues that make it hard for her to lose weight.

"For those of you who speculate about my eating habits, I'll give you this," Thore said, noting all of her dietary problems. "I used to struggle with disordered eating, both purging (but not traditional 'bingeing'; I used to purge regular meals), as well as restricting (eating as little as a few hundred calories a day for months at a time). The last time I engaged in either of these behaviors was in 2011 when I lost 100 pounds and-ironically-everyone thought I was so healthy," she said. (Related: What to Do If Your Friend Has an Eating Disorder)

Thore also shared that she suffers from polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, a common endocrine disorder that can cause infertility and mess with your hormones.

"PCOS in and of itself did not make me this fat, but it did cause me to gain a significant amount of weight over several months when I was 18," she wrote. "I've been insulin resistant for 14 years due to PCOS, and that has an effect on weight gain and weight loss-no matter what weight you are…Insulin-resistant PCOS coupled with shame, depression, disordered eating, alcohol and lots of weight losses and weight gains have led me to where I am today. Some of this was a choice; some of it was not."

Struggling to eat more regularly is also an issue, she admits. More often than not, Thore says she has one or two large meals a day which can, at times, be so much food that she can "eat past the point of fullness." But then, other times she isn't eating enough.

A few weeks ago she also shared a photo of herself from her senior prom where she looks noticeably smaller but noted that while she weighed less, she was hurting her body. "Before any or everyone comments about how healthy I was or something, I'll just point out that I was bulimic and depressed and abusing Adderall and I threw up my dinner in a fancy restaurant bathroom about an hour after this was taken," she wrote.

Thore ended by telling her followers that she's doing the best she can, and that for her, it's enough. "Where I am today is a woman who, just like you, is trying to be balanced, who is trying to be healthy (also mentally and emotionally), and who is just…doing her best," she said. "That's it."

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March 27, 2019
Has whitney ever considered weight loss surgery?there r not enough episodes a season! We love Whitney's mom and dad! They r totally cool and funny
March 15, 2019
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February 5, 2019
It’s unfortunate when people give constructive criticism. Making it OK to be unhealthy is not good for the viewers it’s a shame how we celebrate failure and we condemn success it’s such a bad cycle failure is bad no matter how you spin it Whitney is only 5‘2“ and weighs 400 pounds that’s so bad
June 16, 2018
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May 23, 2018
It’s much easier to preach acceptance than it is to have the discipline to manage your weight.
April 28, 2018
She is FOREVER blaming everything and everyone but herself. She is young and anyone who has seen the show knows she is a quitter and rarely stays with anything long enough to do any good. She is young. It will only get twice as hard as she gets older.