She just launched a line of medical marijuana menstruation products (yes, really)

By Lauren Mazzo
March 30, 2016

Got cramps? You can soon skip the Advil, heating pads, and a day in bed-instead, just reach for a little pot courtesy of Whoopi Goldberg.

No, we're not kidding. Whoopi teamed up with Maya Elisabeth, one of the leading businesswomen in the medical marijuana field and founder of Om Edibles, to create their own line of cannabis products to ease period pain. Their company, called Whoopi & Maya, has offerings ranging from edibles to bath soaks, rubs and tinctures. The point: You can reap the relaxing, pain-relieving benefits of Mary J without lighting up or getting high. (Find what happens to your brain when you use marijuana.)

Whoopi & Maya Products

This comes in the midst of what you might call the "period revolt"-women are up in arms about period rights from the tampon tax to paid period time off. Women have been experiencing menstruation for *literally* all of time, and women are tired of keeping that time of the month so hush-hush. That's one reason Whoopi is taking charge of period pain and battling it with cannabis in hand.

Whoopi's been using marijuana to treat glaucoma headaches, according to a 2014 essay in The Cannibist, and she thought: Why can't this be used for other aches and pains too? She spoke to an industry expert who told her there were no marijuana menstruation products on the market because it was too "niche," according to her interview with Vanity Fair.

"Hey, this niche is half the population on the earth," Goldberg told VF. "This seems to be people flippantly blowing you off, which is what you get whenever you start talking about cramps. They weren't thinking how do you target this? I have grown granddaughters who have severe cramps, so I said this is what I want to work on."

The line is all-natural and made with ingredients like sun-grown cannabis, organic raw unfiltered honey, organic elderberries, cramp bark, red raspberry leaf, passion flower, motherwort and solvent-free cannabis extract. Some products include THC (the chemical responsible for pot's psychological effects) and some are made only with cannabidiol (CBD), which lacks marijuana's trademark mental effects but helps with pain relief, according to the brand's website. (Women are also putting pot in their vaginas to deal with period cramps, FYI.)

A relaxing, all-natural way to deal with cramps that feels (and tastes!) like a spa day-what's not to love? The only issue we see with the line: Mary J munchies + PMS munchies = potential diet disaster. (But it's fine. We'll just burn it off with stoned yoga.)

The whole line should be available in April-but, due to the current federal ban on the substance, it will only be available in California.