The Modern Family star opened up about how she handles online trolls.

By Allie Strickler
July 23, 2019
Getty Images/Larry Busacca/Staff

Ariel Winter isn't afraid to respond to trolls on social media. When people criticized her clothing choices, she spoke out about her right to wear what she wants. She's even addressed online speculation about her weight.

But now, Winter says she has a different perspective on whether it's really worth her time to acknowledge comments from online trolls.

"I try to not respond," she recently told Us Weekly. "I wanted to respond positively to people for a long time because I do feel that if you are sitting and sending somebody that message, there must be something you're not getting in your life." (Related: 17 Celebs Who've Mastered the Art of Clapping Back at Their Haters)

Winter went on to admit that she's had moments when she "regretted" responding to a negative comment online. "I've been like, 'This is stupid. It's unnecessary.' I do know … I think as everybody knows, when somebody is posting that comment they want an argument, you know, they want you to respond."

In fact, the 21-year-old actress says a fan helped her come to this realization. "I actually had a fan comment on one of my posts and said, 'You respond more to negative comments than you do to positive,'" she explained. “I didn't even realize I was doing that."

Winter says she values the positive comments she receives on social media more than the negative ones. But now she realizes that her actions haven't always aligned with her thoughts. (Related: How Celebrity Social Media Affects Your Mental Health and Body Image)

"As a society we do comment more on the negative and that comment really hit me," she said.

Moving forward, Winter says she's focusing more on how grateful she feels for the positivity she receives on social media, rather than on how to clap back at the negativity.

"It's a really difficult time for young women to grow up in with everything on social media and having such negative comments on everything nowadays," Winter previously told us. "It's so important to teach young women and men to 'speak beautifully' so they don't have to grow up with such negativity."


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