Well, it's more of a "sauna suit"

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: August 05, 2016

Waist-trainer lover Khloé Kardashian has moved onto a new weight loss contraption: the sauna suit.

Last month she took to Snapchat to dish on the plastic jackets she's been wearing for her uphill runs. "I keep getting asked where I buy these sauna suits from, I get them from any sporting goods store. Basically, they insulate the heat so they make you sweat double time," she explained. (FYI, the brand she uses now is called GoFit, which retails for just $15.)

And now, she's dedicated an entire post on her Khlo-Fit website to the topic. "They supposedly insulate your heat and elevate your body temperature so they double, or triple, the amount you would sweat. If you're doing cardio, it gets rid of excess water weight," she writes.

Khloé shares she also loves wearing the suit while lifting weights to break a sweat faster. "I feel like it does help you burn more calories, and really just shreds you up. I love the way it feels." (Khloé Kardashian: "I Love My Shape Because I've Earned Every Curve")

She cautions that to counteract its effects, you must double or triple the water you'd normally consume, or you can end up dehydrated. (Here, Hydration Tips Every Fit Girl Needs.)

Our take? If you feel like wearing the garbage bag-like ensemble, go for it, but just know the weight loss results are temporary. "You will initially lose more weight when you sweat more, but as soon as you drink something, you replace the water weight," Liz Neporent, a health and fitness expert and national spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise told us.

Like Selena Gomez's sweat lodge "workout", we'll classify this in the category of slightly pointless, over-hyped celebrity fads.


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