Urbanears is selling a limited-edition version of their workout headphones, drenched in sweat from influencers. Good news: They're washable


Sure, we love to pick the brains of celebs and athletes on the products they use while working up a sweat, but until now, using their actual, sweaty gear was never an option. But this is a thing, thanks to Swedish headphone brand Urbanears, which is selling headphones drenched in sweat from various celebs. (Don't worry, it's not as gross as it sounds: They're washable.)

For their pursuit, Urbanears partnered with seven influencers, from music, sport, and fashion, to sweat it out in a workout of their choice while wearing Hellas headphones from Urbanears' new Active Collection. Influencers included running coach Knox Robinson, dancer 'WilldaBeast' Adams, and musician Amanda Bergman, who worked out in the depths of the Mojave Desert (you can check out the video here), as well as British singer V V Brown, German fashionista Bonnie Strange, French DJ and entrepreneur Nadege Winter, and American model Barbie Ferreira (who, in case you're curious, who wore them "during a sticky jogging-yoga session in Central Park").

If you're wondering just how authentically sweaty these headphones really are, fear not. Post-workout, each pair used was sealed in a bag ("to keep the sweat as fresh as possible"), signed, and labeled with the details of their sweat sessions. And beginning tomorrow, you can get your hands on one of these limited-edition headphones for the small sum of $120. "It's up to you if you want to display them as art, or pop the bag open and give them another go," the website explains.

Urbanears Sweat Headphones

Before you start asking but whyyy, all profit from these sweat-drenched headphones go to charity-and again, the headband and ear cushions can both be tossed in the washing machine! But, if pre-used headphones from influencers aren't quite your jam, you can still pick up a never-been-used pair of the wireless Bluetooth headphones for the same price! (Or, check out these workout headphones for every situation.)