Your Fave Fitness Celebs Get Real About Why They Love Their Bodies

Body-love #goals from Julianne Hough, the Tone It Up girls, Jen Widerstrom, and more

What happens when you throw some of the hottest fitness celebs, trainers, and workout enthusiasts into one space and tell them to get their sweat on? You have an epic celebration of girl power, strength, and overall boss-ness.

ICYMI, we're all about loving who you are, what you look like, and how your body is shaped. After all, true fitness isn't about how you look, but about how good you feel. And feeling confident, healthy, and badass is for everyone. That's why we're all about the #LoveMyShape movement, which aims to nix negative body shaming and encourages #bodylove instead.

Our Los Angeles Shape Body Shop event in June was the perfect time to ask all our fave trainers and fit celebs exactly why they love their bodies. We chatted with Julianne Hough (dancer and fit-human extraordinaire who has a new activewear line with MPG), Jen Widerstrom (your favorite kickass trainer on The Biggest Loser and creator of our Fitness burpee challenge), and the Tone It Up Girls (if you haven't tried their workouts, you need to, stat). Also on the fit-list: Astrid Swan (the trainer Julianne swears by), Lacey Stone (celeb trainer and fitness pro), and Jenny Gaither (founder of the Movement Foundation). Let their answers inspire you to love, challenge, and take care of your body...however you see fit.

Sad you missed the chance to mingle with these inspirational ladies? Stayed tuned for deets on our next Shape Body Shop event on October 22, this time in NYC!

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