What happens when you combine a tennis star and a fashion designer? You get some pretty unforgettable looks on the tennis court. With Wimbledon in full swing and a win already under Serena William's belt, here are the most memorable Serena William's outfits that we've ever seen on the tennis court.

3 Most Memorable Serena Williams' Outfits

1. The black catsuit. During the 2002 U.S. Open, Williams wore a black Puma full-body "catsuit" that definitely turned heads and got her noticed.

2. Jean skirt. How often do you see jean on a professional tennis court? Not very often! Serena changed all that though when she paired a Nike jean skirt with tall black socks and a stomach-baring midriff for a look that no one missed. The look was so memorable that her wax figure is even wearing it!

3. Hot pink. Never someone who is afraid of color, Serena recently Tweeted a photo of herself playing in a hot pink bodysuit and got quite the reaction from fans and the fashion world.

These days Serena Williams has told the media that she wants her tennis - not her outfits - to take center stage, but we're still wondering what she'll wear to the next big tournament!