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The Sexiest Bodies in Hollywood

AnnaLynne McCord, 22

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The star of 90210 squeezes exercise into her packed schedule by combining work and play—she loves to go for long hikes with her best friend or for runs along the beach with her buddies. And while her diet is pretty healthy, with lots of fresh veggies and lean proteins, she also allows for the occasional Taco Bell Mexican Pizza as her well-deserved splurge.

Carrie Underwood, 26

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The country cutie has been keeping a food journal for years, but Carrie's sexy looks are also the result of a vegetarian diet and taking advantage of hotel gyms when she's on tour.

Kristen Bell, 29

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We don't want to be gossip girls, but Kristen credits her amazing body to healthy, homemade vegetarian dishes, yoga classes, and twice-a-week weight-training sessions.

Mya, 31

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Always on the road, the singer keeps her body fit with a hotel room workout: crunches, push- ups, and dips off the side of a bathtub or chair. And she never touches fried foods or soda.

Jaime Pressly, 32

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The Emmy winner works out four times a week, concentrating on her core to keep her abs sexy and rock-hard. As for her diet, Jaime eats meals with lots of protein and veggies and never skips breakfast.

Eva Mendes, 35

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This is one Hollywood starlet who indulges in rich food (Indian and Cuban cuisine are faves) and isn't afraid to admit it! Eva does, however, burn those extra calories with 25 minutes of cardio and strength training almost every day.

Jennifer Connelly, 39

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The Oscar winner is known for her red carpet glamour, but who knew she had such a hot bikini bod? She stays fit with six- to 10-mile runs, a mostly vegetarian diet (with some lean protein, like turkey), and three Pink Lady apples a day.

Cindy Crawford, 44

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This busy mom says she doesn't find time to work out, she makes time. Several days a week, she jumps on the treadmill and lifts weights, and on weekends, she hikes in her L.A. neighborhood.

Courtney Cox, 45

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The star of Cougar Town shows off her rockin' body almost every week, and more power to her! She credits her fit figure to the Power Plate machine, which she uses three times a week, plus a low-carb diet.

Demi Moore, 47

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She seems to defy aging, but Demi's youthful looks can be partially attributed to a mostly organic diet and working out to P90X DVDs, which incorporate cardio, strength training, and stretching.


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