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People's 2012 Sexiest Man Alive, Channing Tatum, is trying on a couple of new titles these days. First is "dad" thanks to the recent birth of daughter Everly with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Since her birth he's taken some well-deserved rest, which allowed the star to relax his diet and exercise a bit. "Right now, what me and my wife like to call it-I am very 'fappy,'" he said to Ellen Degeneres. "I'm very fat and happy right now."

Hey, we love being fappy too! But why stop the fun there? We've come up with a list of other food-related emotions. Tell us what you think of them and what fun terms you use to describe your hunger by tweeting us @Shape_Magazine or commenting below.

Hangry: When you get so hungry you become rage-filled, getting angry at the smallest things. "Whoa, you just lashed out at our intern because she photocopied something single-sided instead of double-sided. Have you had lunch yet? I think you're hangry."

Stracking: Worrying so much about something that you don't even realize you're popping handfuls of yogurt raisins until the bag is empty. [Tweet this definition!] "Deadlines are looming, I have a big date tonight, the forecast is snow again, and I just realized I stracked my way through 16 servings of pretzels! Not helping!"

Brunchies: Keeping yourself occupied in boring situations by munching on whatever's handy. "This morning meeting will never end. That girl from accounting keep talking...and talking..and talking, and, worse, I'm totally feeding my brunchies habit with the now-stale bagels."

Stressarvation: When you're so overwhelmed that the thought of eating anything makes you want to puke. "I know your family is going through some really tough stuff now, but you need to eat something! They wouldn't want you suffering from stressarvation."

Chocomotional: That panicked, desperate feeling when nothing but a box of salted caramel chocolate truffles will do. "OMG! That presentation couldn't have gone worse. Where are the M&M's? I'm feeling chocomotional!" [Tweet this funny word!]

Drunkies: Think the equivalent of beer goggles for food. "I had a few too many, and now all I want is cheese. And salt and vinegar chips. And a burrito. Oh, and let's order some Pad Thai!" "Girl, you have the drunkies."

Cakecation: Giving yourself permission to eat whatever food you want on your vacation. "Of course I'm having Nutella crepes for dinner! I'm on cakecation!"

Pre-munchstrating: PMS is famous for causing wicked cravings. At least now we have a name for it? "I just downed a pint of rocky road in 10 minutes. I must be pre-munchstrating."

Holidaze: That blurry period between Thanksgiving and New Year's when you chow down on your fave festive foods, knowing you won't have them again until next year. "I think I gained 10 pounds from peppermint mochas alone during the holidaze. Gotta get back to the gym!"

Cringe: Being so frustrated that your crush isn't answering, replying, or asking you out, that you take it out on food. "Ugh, we were supposed to get drinks and 'hang out,' but he hasn't called me, so I got into my sweats and am cringeing on Chinese and Netflix."