A spokeswoman for Estée Lauder's Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign for 13 years, she also practices what she preaches. We asked her for tips on living a healthy, cancer-free life.

You're a champion for breast cancer. Why?

My grandmother had it, as have many of my friends. We all know someone who has battled the disease. But each year we get closer to finding a cure. So now, more than ever, it's important to get the message out.

What can we do to protect ourselves from the disease?

Breast cancer is being detected at an earlier, more treatable stage these days, largely because women are taking more preventive measures, like self-exams and regular mammograms. And treatment is getting better too. In the U.S., if a tumor is found early, there's a 98 percent chance of survival.

Do you have any other stay-healthy strategies?

I live in the country and spend lots of time outdoors. I eat as well as I can-although I have moments of weakness where I'll devour chips and chocolate! But I try to get back on track as soon as possible.

Why did you choose to live on a farm in the country?

I love everything about it: the pollution-free air, the trees, the peace, my dogs, and my garden. And I really wanted my son to grow up there so he would be able to climb trees.

As a mom, how do you set a good example for your son?

I try to provide a basic structure of nutritious, home-cooked meals-with the occasional bit of junk food, of course. Once I got into the swing of preparing my own meals and not buying as many prepackaged foods, both my son and I were better off. I found I love to cook! On weekends, I make large batches of pasta sauce and casseroles and freeze them.