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SHAPE'S Top 5 Sexy Celebs of the Year


A slammin' body in Hollywood is kind of like a high IQ at Harvard (not so surprising)—but these sexy celebs are different. They don't merely shape up before a movie or music tour; they maintain the best bodies (and the confidence that comes with them) year-round, earning them each a spot on our annual Best Bodies in Hollywood list. We guarantee these sexy celebs will inspire you to work out, and that's why we asked top Hollywood trainer Gregg Miele (he's worked with VIPs like Gisele Bündchen and Mary J. Blige) to design strength moves for every body part on our list. Use a few exercises to reshape a nagging trouble spot, or put them all together for a full-body workout.

Sexy Celebrity with the Best Arms and Shoulders: Ashley Greene

Sexy Celebrity with the Best Back: Cameron Diaz

Sexy Celebrity with the Best Butt: Beyonce

Sexy Celebrity with the Best Abs: Nicole Scherzinger

Sexy Celebrity with the Best Legs: Blake Lively


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