In May Allure caused a stir when the magazine published cover model Zoe Saldana's weight (115 pounds, in case you're interested). Then just this weekend, Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills got people talking when she revealed on Twitter that she weighs 120 pounds. Vanderpump is not the only celebrity who's shared her true number. A surprisingly long list of celebrities from Katy Perry (130 pounds) to Mila Kunis (117) to Snooki (110) to Tyra Banks (148 to 162) have all revealed their weights at one point or another.

These ladies are far from the only ones to talk about their weight, and of course, we're all familiar with tabloid headlines like, "Weight Saga! [Insert Celebrity Name] Admits to 83-Pound Weight Gain." But is it healthy when celebrities talk about their weight? And does it do more harm or good when they do so?

"I think it's emotionally toxic," says author and body image speaker Leslie Goldman, M.P.H. "If some celebrity says that she weighs 120 pounds and you weigh more than that and already feel not quite as confident or secure about yourself, that might make you feel bad."

Plus, Goldman says, health is about more than weight: "Numbers can be misleading. Health has more to do with how you eat, whether you're working out, how your clothes fit." Moreover, 120 pounds on one person can look very different on another, depending on height, bone structure, and body frame.

It's also worth noting that all of the celebrities listed above are very thin and conventionally pretty. While Saldana's weight reveal received both positive and negative reviews, it's hard to say what kind of reaction a plus-size celebrity such as Adele or Melissa McCarthy would receive if she were to reveal her number. Remember Rex Reed's review of Identity Thief in which he called McCarthy a "female hippo," "tractor size," and a "gimmick comedian who has devoted her career to being obnoxious and obese with equal success?"

Lastly, is it anyone's business what celebrities weigh? Most people (including me!) commenting on celeb weights are not medical professionals. You want to know who is actually qualified to speak about Saldana's weight and whether she needs to lose or gain any? Her doctor!

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