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So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 Finale: The Inside Scoop With Mary Murphy

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 Winner: Melanie

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This season b-boy Tadd and contemporary dancers Marko, Melanie, and Sasha have put on an amazing show, and the season 8 finale was no exception. All of the SYTYCD contestants performed well but it was Melanie who was named theSo You Think You Dance season 8 winner. In honor of last night’s season finale we had a chat with the queen of the hot tamale train, Mary Murphy. Here are 10 very interesting facts about the So You Think You Dance judge. We even got her to reveal her all time favorite SYTYCD contestant! Read on to see what she said.

Mary Murphy's favorite So You Think You Can Dance Contestant is….

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Twitch. “He’s just a great guy.”

She wouldn’t be a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance

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“Some of the performances are just mind boggling to me. I’m like how did they do that? It’s such a sort period of time. I wouldn’t even do that in my own style. I wouldn’t dance if someone gave me new choreography in five and a half hours to do on national television. I’d say take a hike! This girl needs rehearsal!”

The style of dance Mary Murphy finds most difficult…

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Belly Dancing. “It’s extremely difficult for me which I found surprising because I’m a Latin dancer. I thought that I would latch on and be hitting it but that’s not the case. I find it incredibly difficult.”

The style of dance you might see Mary Murphy do on SYTYCD is….

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Hip hop. “Believe it or not I adapted easier to hip hop. Maybe one of these days when I get back into full health I’ll whip out a hip hop number for So You Think You Can Dance. I think everyone would keel over! I thought
Ellen [and Twitch]
did a pretty amazing job.”

Mary Murphy is addicted too…

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Cookies. “I feel like I need a 12-step cookie program. A hot chocolate chip cookie comes my way I still don’t have the willpower to say no.”

The secret to Mary Murphy’s hot tamale high energy is…

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Nutrition. “The key is definitely nutrition, eating small meals throughout the day. I don’t do any caffeine—I never have.”

Mary Murphy’s favorite snack is…

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Watermelon and tomatoes. “I had it at a fancy hotel in Toronto served with feta cheese, vinaigrette, and a little oil. I can eat that everyday now when I’m at home.”

Mary Murphy’s go-to piece of fitness equipment is…

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The Shake Weight
. “I have a Shake Weight and 10-pound weights that I do squats and arm exercises with in my dressing room. I get teased because they’re with my shoes and jewelry.”

Mary Murphy’s favorite exercise is…

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The plank. “When I have no time or space I do planks when I'm on the road. then I’ll do squats in my hotel room.”

The last dance Mary Murphy wants to do is…

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The Paso Doble
. “The Paso Doble is so strong. And now the woman can be the matado or the cape. I love that it’s really changed. Originally I could only be the cape!”


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