April 24, 2009

On The Game Brittany Daniel, 31, plays the raciest of the football players' wives. "Just last week my character wore a French maid's outfit," says Daniel, whose first big gig was on Sweet Valley High. "That's inspiration enough to get to the gym five times a week!" Her other stay-motivated tips:

  1. Find A Routine That's Right For Your Body
    "Group cycling is the perfect workout for me right now. To get through a class, I really have to dig deep and say to myself, 'I can do this!'"

  1. Eat Foods That Make You Feel Good
    "My meals are 80 percent vegetables and either 20 percent protein or 20 percent whole grain. I'll eat beets and rutabaga with porridge for breakfast. My friends think I'm crazy, but my body has never looked or felt better."

  2. Know Your Limits
    "I'm optimistic about what my body will look like after having a baby because my twin sister is as slim and fit as ever-even though she snacks on her toddler's leftovers. But I know not to take chances. I do have to wear a French maid's costume at work, after all!"