The fitness influencer and online trainer wants to remind you that nothing can replace hard work.

By Renee Cherry
Updated: September 26, 2017
Photo: Instagram

If being healthy were as easy as swallowing a few pills every morning, wouldn't everyone do it? Sounds too good to be true, right? Yet the supplement industry is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down soon. Market research estimates that the clinical nutrition supplement industry will reach more than $48 billion (that's with a B) globally by the year 2020, and sports nutrition supplements will be coming in at a cool $37.7 billion by 2019. It's not uncommon for manufacturers in this unregulated industry to approach fitness influencers and celebrities, hoping they'll promote their weight-loss pills or detox teas for a payout. (You should read why this influencer refuses to promote detoxes.) But one fierce fitness #realgirl has had enough-Anna Victoria is over it, so she posted a 380-word rant about all these false claims swirling around social media.

"Weight-loss companies have done an amazing job at convincing the majority that all our problems can be solved by a magic formula found in a bottle or a pill," she wrote to her 1.3 million followers. "This type of deceptive marketing has been around for years. Enter: Instagram. Now companies can pay people of 'influence' to say they use their products and that THIS is the secret key to getting that flat tummy, when the person posting has never used the product themselves." She goes on to say that while she understands standing behind companies and products you believe in, spreading the idea that fitness or health can be bought is perpetuating misinformation. "When it comes to health and fitness, please don't ever believe the answer lies anywhere other than hard work in the gym, cutting out junk from your diet, and balancing your meals/macros." (Related: This Trainer Proves Mind-Body Transformations Don't Happen Over Night)

And Anna knows what she's talking about when it comes to commitment to health and fitness over the long term. The wellness pro wasn't always this toned and confident. In fact, she credits her own transformation to basic hard work and dedication. (Same with these 10 women who went through incredible body transformations.) It might be a tough pill to swallow, but weight loss takes time, and the only thing that will help you get there are diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes you can stick to. (Still need more proof? Read how making small changes to her diet helped this trainer lose 45 pounds.)


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