Find out why this might the best workout you're not doing


Q: What are the benefits of boxing workouts or mixed martial arts training for women?

A: Before I answer this question, I must give full disclosure: I'm a huge fan of mixed martial arts (MMA) and the techniques involved such as striking (kicks, knees, and punches) and grappling (holds, sweeps, and throws). Not only do I incorporate boxing and Jiu-Jitsu into my own weekly training plan, but I also work with MMA fighters on a regular basis.

That being said, I think that every woman, regardless of age or athletic ability, can benefit tremendously from incorporating some boxing and/or martial arts into her training program. Whether you want to improve overall health and fitness, lose weight (fat), or simply boost your mood, martial arts can help you reach your goals and more. In terms of physical qualities, some of the benefits include:

1. Improved balance and coordination. You'll also be better at quickly shifting your weight and changing directions, a key to excel in sports.

2. Dynamic flexibility of joints, muscles, and ligaments. This not only promotes better posture, making you appear taller and leaner, but it will continue to improve your quality of life as you age, injury free.

3. Power. The two components of power are strength and speed so you'll improve your ability to perform explosive movements like jumping.

The benefits of MMA go beyond physical qualities. This type of training requires deep concentration and the ability to avoid distraction. Plus, it builds incredible confidence. And few (if any) people would disagree, confidnce is very sexy!

Ready to Get Started?

If you're new to MMA, it's a good idea to take a few private lessons to learn the basics before joining a group class. But it's perfectly fine to jump right into a class setting if you prefer. Plenty of gyms offer boxing and kickboxing classes so just inquire at the front desk.

If you're serious about learning from the best, I recommend checking out an actual MMA training facility. Contrary to what you may think, you'll find that the athletes and instructors are extremely respectful of the women who train at their facility and will go to great lengths to make them feel comfortable.