Hollywood's top trainer Valerie Waters shares 5 no-fail tips for a head-turning bod


With more than 15 years experience whipping celebs into shape for movie roles, magazine covers, and red carpets, Valerie Waters is one of Hollywood's hottest go-to trainers when it comes to producing amazing results fast.

We went one-on-one with the powerhouse fitness pro (who has worked with super svelte stars like Jennifer Garner, Rachel Nichols, Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel to name a few), where she revealed her top five tips to getting a trim and toned, red carpet-ready bod. Read on for more!

Put yourself first. "Celebrities look the way they do because they make workouts a commitment and a priority," Waters says. "All my clients have families, 12-16 hour workdays, and errands or other things to do on the weekends. The key is they don't give themselves any excuses. If you want it bad enough, you'll make it work-you'll get up at 5 a.m. to exercise or give up 30 minutes on the couch watching TV or checking Facebook to do it."

Limit your carb intake. "We all love carbs, we all like bread and cookies…but you need to make a decision to limit them. Stay away from processed foods, and eat more veggies and lean protein. Instead of cereal, have a shake-you'll be less hungry and will just feel better," Waters says. "You also have to learn how to break certain habits. If you know you'll want to come home after work and eat those cheese and crackers, then don't have them in the house. You will adapt, it only takes about two weeks to break the cycle."

Make exercise fun. "Introduce one new thing every time you work out. Maybe it's a new playlist, or a new workout top, or fun new socks. It's motivating and will make you want to rock it out!" the powerhouse trainer says. "Constantly change up your routines, add new moves, add new exercise tools-all of this will make exercise seem more fun again."

Wear cute workout clothes. "Even if you exercise at home, don't be in your sloppy clothes. Put on something cute and have the proper equipment-it doesn't have to be expensive," Waters says. "This will make you respect your workout. Set a time, stay loyal to it, and be properly prepared for it."

Consistency is key. "My whole motto is ‘you are one workout away from a good mood'. So get in there and feel better! It will become what you look forward to, and that will be what makes you consistent," Waters advises. "Give yourself 30 minutes, no less than three times a week. Ideally, you'll do it six times a week. When you do, your body will change and you'll feel different about it. It's amazing what can happen in 10 days. Your life can change in 30!"

So that you can start to put these inspiring tips to use (today!), check out one of Valerie's celebrity workout routines, along with her super-healthy Hottie Shake, on the next page.


You'll need: An exercise mat, step, Valslides, resistance band or dumbbells.

How it works: Do this circuit 3 times without resting between exercises (only resting at end of circuit). "This workout is better than the gym-it's cardio on steroids!" Waters says.

1. Single-Leg Step-Ups

Reps: 10-15 on each leg

Stand facing a step. Place one foot on the step and the other on the floor. With your abs braced and glutes squeezed, start the movement by pushing through the front foot on the step, driving powerfully upward to the standing position. Lower your body under control. Pause briefly at the bottom and repeat. Complete 10-15 reps on each side.

2. Valslide Reverse Lunge

Reps: 10-15 on each leg

Stand with feet together, place the ball of your left foot on the Valslide®. Slide your left foot back; Right leg will bend at 90-degrees. Slide your left foot up to start position, pulling up with the glute of your right leg. (You should feel this in your glutes and some in your quads of the stationary leg). The sliding leg is just going along for the ride. Complete 10-15 reps on each side.

3. Two-Arm Row

Reps: 15

Keeping your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees and lean forward until you're at a forty-five degree angle. Pull your shoulder blades back. Now, use a rowing motion to pull the dumbbells toward your stomach then lower the dumbbells down. That's one rep. (You can also use a resistance band). Complete 15 reps.

4. Valslide Body Saw

Reps: 15

Get into plank position with your forearms on the floor and a Valslide under each foot. Push back from your forearms, allowing your feet to slide back. Then, return to the starting position by pulling yourself forward with your forearms. Make sure to keep your abs tight and don't allow your hips to sink. Complete 15 reps.



8-12 ounces of water

Small banana

¾ cup frozen Blackberries

¾ cup frozen Cherries

Heaping tablespoon of chia seeds

Heaping teaspoon Athletic Supergreens

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

1 tablespoon of cocao powder

1/3 of a scoop of Maca powder

Directions: Put all ingredients in a blender and blend.

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