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Celebrity Trainer Tips: How the Stars Stay Fit and Sexy

Reese Witherspoon: Track The Workout

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Reese Witherspoon and her celebrity trainer record her performance in a BodyMinder exercise journal. If you can't afford a trainer, at least track your progress in an exercise log. Take a page out of Reese's book and start one today. It's a huge motivator. Keep your healthy eating habits on track too with a food journal.

Jessica Biel: Resistance Band Lunges

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Jessica Biel's trainer uses simple equipment like a medicine ball and resistance band for a total-body do-anywhere workout. Doing lunges with a resistance band like Jessica not only tones your legs and butt but also engages your core with every step. Jessica's not the only one who likes to take her workout with her. Check out Jewel's Do-Anywhere Ab Routine.

Paris Hilton: Bike The Hills

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Paris Hilton headed for the hills with her hunky celebrity trainer. It's a challenging ride through Runyon Canyon, but knowing there's a shirtless, well-toned trainer right behind you has to keep a person motivated. (Related: This Badass Athlete Shares What It's Like to Race Up One of the Toughest Hills In America On Her Bike)

Kate Beckinsale: Outdoor Warm-Up

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Kate Beckinsale's celebrity trainer helped her warm up with sculpting and toning moves before entering the gym. After limbering up with her trainer, Kate headed off to the dance studio for over two more hours of exercise! Get your sweat on with this hip-hop dance workout.

Kendra Wilkinson: Add Punch to Your Running Routine

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Kendra was determined to get her pre-baby body back fast. Kendra's trainer got her heart pumping with a run around the neighborhood, and they stopped for serious boxing exercises along the way. Punch up a boring boxing routine with these high-energy boxing beats.

Mel B: Get up and Go

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Although her celebrity trainer was willing to carry her coffee, Mel B seemed a bit tired during her morning run. Good thing Mel had him by her side to urge her on. Don't have access to a celebrity trainer? Keep your running—and your motivation—strong with our top tips.

Adrienne Bailon: Core Challenge

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Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon hit it hard at the gym with her celebrity trainer Danny Musico. He worked her arms and abs by having her do sit-ups on a reclining bench while lifting a weighted medicine ball. Next time you're at the gym try adding this 5-minute abs routine. You'll transform your middle in just weeks.

Bridget Moynahan: Post-Workout Glow

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Bridget Moynahan really seemed to be enjoying a post-workout high after a session with her celebrity trainer. But it's not all fun and games. Bridget's trainer tracks and records her progress at each session. Ever wonder what causes that great post-workout feeling? Find out what's really behind "runner's high."

Katherine McPhee: Take it Outside

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Katherine McPhee and her celebrity trainer didn't need the weight machines for a tough full-body workout. They did sprints and used handled resistance tubes for a serious workout in the gym parking lot. Exercise alfresco like Katherine with these outdoor fitness tips.

Fergie: Cool it Down, Stretch it Out

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After a tough workout, singing sensation Fergie headed to a local park for a cool-down with her celebrity trainer. They did yoga and stretched the muscle groups they worked during Fergie's morning routine. Find out how to improve your athletic performance with tips from a celebrity yoga instructor.


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