How the JAM Method creator keeps Pink and Brooke Burke in tip-top form.

By Jené Luciani
January 11, 2012

She trains a bevy of Hollywood beauties (and some so A-list, she's sworn to secrecy!), but the fit celebs we can tell you about like Brooke Burke, Minnie Driver, Mira Sorvino, and Pink, flock to Neda Soderqvist for her unique method of Pilates, strength training, and dance she created called JAM (short for Juicy Athletic Moves). With her fitness DVD's being released this summer, the rest of the world will finally get to experience the workout routine she uses to whip the stars into shape-and fast. We went to Soderqvist to get the scoop on how she keeps her star clientele motivated to stay fit.

"I notice if I tell a client to do 50 pushups, they get bored, but when they do 50 pushups to music with the beat, they do it without even thinking," she says. "I'm so excited to see the results in my clients instantly!" Read on for the rest of our interview!

SHAPE: What are your tips for people who hate working out?

NS: You have to love the workout you choose to do! I recommend people find a workout partner or participate in group classes.

SHAPE: What about diet? Do you believe in restriction like a lot of trainers?

NS: I'm not one of those trainers that has you counting your calories. I believe in moderation, balance, and portion control! Have a piece of cake once in a while–-regular cake--just not a whole cake! Don't be fooled by all these non-fat and low-fat foods that are often filled with chemicals. Our body needs fat!

SHAPE: What is your favorite workout with your celebrity clients?

NS: I train most of my celebrity clients by doing JÄM, which is truly an intense full-body workout. The results are quick and long lasting. The movements I created are scientifically put together. Each routine attacks the body in different ways, always very high intensity and working the core. With my background in physical therapy, I believe a strong core is the base for any type of athlete.

With Mira Sorvino, she loves ballet so we focus more on the dance aspect. With Pink, she recently had a baby so I focus on mostly abdominal exercises that trigger the deepest muscles with dance movements from belly dancing, Bollywood, and hip hop. Brooke Burke loves anything that's high-intensity cardio and "sexy" moves that make her feel empowered!

SHAPE: What makes your style of training different than others?

NS: My style of training is more for the endurance junkie! It is the highest intensity dance class ever created! Zumba and most other dance-type classes are aerobics-based, which works well for most people, but JAM really kicks it up a notch. Most of my clients are celebrities, pop artists, back up dancers, their wives and kids, or athletes. Their time is limited and they need to utilize every minute! That's why in one hour of my workout, you will burn more than 1,000 calories and build strength and endurance. It's equivalent to a hardcore run, but it's a lot more fun!