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How Hollywood’s Hottest Trainers Stay Fit and Happy

Jennifer "JJ Dancer" Johnson

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celebrity trainer/professional dancer/choreographer, The JJ Dancer Technique

Workout routine: When I’m training my private clients or teaching classes, I’m doing the full workout right along with my peeps. That means I exercise six days a week (but I limit myself to five sessions, which is five hours, a day). The JJ Dancer Technique combines intense body conditioning, calisthenics, band and barre work, interval training, and kickboxing into a fun, hot, and sweaty dance party. The result is a recognizable “dancer’s body”–lean frame, sculpted arms, flat abs, lifted bum, and slim thighs.

Motivational mantra: Don’t talk about it, be about it! We've all been guilty of putting things off until the next day or making excuses at one time or another. You have everything you need to have everything you want. Believe that! It’s all up to you—just make it happen!

Andrea Orbeck

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celebrity trainer and pregnancy fitness specialist

Workout routine: I try to exercise at least five times per week. I don't typically do long cardio sessions but opt for higher intensity and shorter duration instead—sprints, jump rope, and plyometric work within weight circuits (see below for an example). I can get super sweaty in half the time.

No. 1 fitness tip: When it comes to getting results, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) trumps long, boring workouts any day. Pick five moves to do as a circuit (i.e. squats, reverse lunges, sit-ups, planks, and overhead press) and perform one minute of jumping rope, jumping jacks, or burpees between each set. You’ll burn more calories and tone more muscle in same amount of the time it took your friend to find parking at the gym.

Simone De La Rue

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celebrity trainer, Body by Simone

Workout routine: I work out alongside my clients as motivation and inspiration and to foster a sense of comradery. Each session is one hour, and I can have up to five clients a day. When I’m not working out with my clients, I like to do yoga classes and even back-to-basics ballet classes. When I can't do any of these, I simply go for a run.

Go-to exercise: The good ol’ plank. It's such an amazing full-body workout that requires no equipment. I like to do variations on the plank by adding in a pushup or mountain climbers to kick the heart rate up.

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Mandy Ingber

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celebrity fitness and wellness expert, Yogalosophy

Workout routine: My daily workouts can be anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes, but they're usually about an hour. I alternate between yoga and other indoor exercises (Vinyasa flow, hot yoga, barre class, spinning, etc.) and walking. While I’m fully able to self-motivate, I love going to a class where someone else can be the leader.

Fitness Philosophy: The key to having the body you want is loving the body you have. Fitness is a celebration of this most amazing gift. In a way, my workouts are my "thank you" to the universe. Be grateful! Also, set short-term goals. This way you set yourself up for success by having mini-wins along the way. You don't have to beat yourself up or be hard on yourself. It doesn't get you "there" any faster. You can encourage yourself instead. Love what you have and go for more!

Ramona Braganza

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celebrity trainer, 321 Training Method

Workout routine: On average I train four to five days per week for 45 minutes to an hour. I love to mix things up; everything from going to the gym to yoga sessions, dance classes in hip hop or jazz (takes me back to the days when I was an NFL cheerleader!) to working with a trainer and doing boxing or Crossfit workouts when I need to be pushed.

Fitness goal: My goal is to keep an edge over age. I'm in my 50s now and it's no joke that I need to stay on top of maintaining my strength and flexibility. My mentor is my 79-year-old mother, Lucy, who teaches 10 fitness classes a week to seniors, including Zumba!

Celebrity body crush: The fit and fabulous Halle Berry, who is a good friend and client. I love her attitude toward being healthy, and I love her looks for being a mom in her 40s!

Kira Stokes

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celebrity trainer and fitness expert, The Stoked Method

Workout routine: My personal workouts occur seven days a week and vary in both duration and intensity. I do some form of cardio every day, and I strength train five days a week, changing up my routine by lifting heavy some days, light others, and frequently relying on my own bodyweight to get a serious pump. I try to practice yoga and/or SLT (Strengthen, Lengthen, Tone) once or twice a week to compliment my own creative Stoked sessions. Sometimes I indulge in my own version of a triathlon—an 8-mile run, 30 minutes of spinning, and 30 minutes of Stoked circuits (plyometrics, jumping rope, athletic drills, etc.). I practice what I preach and live by my mantra: "shock it to rock It.” You must constantly change your routine to change your body.

No. 1 fitness tip: Invest in a jump rope and master it! Jumping rope is one of the best ways to ensure your heart rate gets to a level close to your target zone, which means results! I never leave my house without one, so I never have the excuse that I couldn't make it to the gym.

BONUS! Kira’s Power Playlist:
Rudimental - Free feat. Emeli Sandé (Nas Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Burn (Maths Time Joy Remix)
Britney Spears - Work Bitch (DJ Kill Juice Is Good Mix)
Mashup Germany - The Rock Harmony
Lorde - Million Dollar Bills
Timeflies - SMFWU
Boy Oh Boy (original mix) by Dilpo and GTA
Pink - Are We All We Are
Ellie Goulding - Hanging On (Sigma Remix)
Jesse J. - Thunder

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Michelle Lovitt

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celebrity trainer/strength and conditioning specialist

Workout routine: I exercise every day, but my workout depends on the number of clients I’m training or what I’m training for (I just finished the NYC Marathon!). If I'm training myself, I love to get in 60 to 90 minutes of cardio, yoga, or strength training. I run and hike a lot, and I’m also kind of obsessed with this workout in Los Angeles called Hot 8 Yoga. The studio offers a wide variety of yoga classes taught in rooms heated to 90-degrees. Other favorites include SoulCycle and Burn60.

Fitness philosophy: My fitness philosophy is to help educate individuals to understand that they are unique and no two people get the exact same results doing the same workout. It is so important to me to teach people how metabolism, nutrition, and heart rate all affect workout outcomes. With understanding, change occurs.

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Jeanette Jenkins

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celebrity trainer, The Hollywood Trainer

Workout routine: I exercise four to five times a week. Some sessions are only 30 minutes and sometimes I can get in 60 or 90 minutes. I'm an avid athlete and played sports growing up so I strongly believe in cross-training to avoid overuse injuries and to improve overall fitness level. I run (sprint intervals) and do Power Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, circuit training, hiking, strength training, snowboarding, skiing, and interval training to combine all of my favorite exercises!

Motivational mantra: Always believe in yourself. You can do anything. Visualize yourself achieving your goals. The mind is powerful. What you think, you become. Create a plan to achieve your goals, execute your plan, and when the road gets rough, just know that the tough times will make you stronger, smarter, and more compassionate. Above all else, always love yourself. Positive mind, positive life.

Ashley Borden

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celebrity trainer, fitness and lifestyle consultant

Workout routine: I train with my training partner five days a week and incorporate a lot of Olympic lifting (clean and jerk, snatch—I love it!), dumbbell work, and bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, pushups, handstand pushups, and squats. Sometimes I'll also include rowing, running, and battle ropes.

Least favorite exercise: Spinning. My body does not like anything about being on a bike that's not a beach cruiser. I also hate feeling trapped in a room while strapped to a bike.

Jade Alexis

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celebrity trainer and fitness expert

Workout routine: I work out five to six days a week, mixing things up between strength, yoga, and cardio training. On strength days, I do a lot of bodyweight exercises, but I’ll lift weights and do machines on lazy or low-motivation days. I also love to box and shoot around on the basketball court as often as possible, in addition to running, jumping rope, and swimming for cardio. I like to practice yoga for balance, especially Vinyasa flow and Bikram every now and then.

Fitness goal: After my third knee surgery (while playing division I basketball), I'm dealing with a plethora of knee issues, so one goal is to regain strength, flexibility, and full function in my left left. Another is simply to become my strongest, most flexible self!

Nicole Winhoffer

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celebrity trainer and professional dancer

Workout routine: I usually work out six days a week, 90 minutes per session. I always make sure to mix it up and try all the latest workouts. I take Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, ballet barre, and also work out to my own personal DVDs. I make sure that my personal workouts balance me in comparison to the workouts I do with my clients. The workouts with my clients are a complete mind-body-soul experience: a performance.  

Go-to exercise: I love the “plank core and booty builder." It's the perfect move to sculpt the abs, arms, and butt. How to do it: Get into full plank position. Bring right knee (with leg turned out) into right armpit and then kick back to arabesque (straight out behind hip). Return to full plank, and repeat on the other side.

Motivational mantra: Put yourself first. Women are givers and constantly taking care of other people. Promise yourself that you'll do one thing every day that will empower you. We can't be our best selves if we don't take care of ourselves first. I have papers hung up all over my walls to remind me of this.

Lauren Sambataro

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celebrity trainer, AKT INMOTION

Workout routine: I’m lucky enough to work out with my clients, so that's my personal workout a lot of the time. It’s usually 60 to 90 minutes a day. On off days, I’ll go to gym to lift heavy weights, but I train up to three or four clients a day so it limits me a little. At AKT we do a combo of dance cardio and full-body strength intervals. It’s a lot of functional core work with medicine balls, resistance bands, and free weights and also helps builds endurance.

Go-to exercise: I include a full squat in all of my sessions! Sitting at a desk all day, we don’t do a lot of up and down movements like this. Squats also encourage muscle growth and therefore a healthy metabolism. I could go on and on about them!

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Nat Bardonnet

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celebrity trainer and nutrition expert

Workout routine: I typically do a 20- to 30-minute workout every day (or every other day) that targets a specific muscle group until exhaustion. It may be shoulders/deltoids and triceps one day and then glutes, quad/hamstrings, and calves another. When I need to get ripped, I’ll jump on the treadmill or elliptical for 45 minutes and then kill my legs and butt even more!

Fitness philosophy: There are so many books, DVDs, workout trends, TV shows, and diets—people get confused! I like to keep it simple. Take the time to find what works for you, whether it’s exercise or a food plan. It doesn’t have to be hard or a punishment. I don’t like the word “diet” either, it’s more about a lifestyle.

Photo: Gilles Toucas

Astrid Swan McGuire

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celebrity trainer/master instructor, Barry’s Bootcamp

Workout routine: I exercise for an hour, six days a week, doing everything from interval runs on the treadmill and strength training (I'm not afraid to lift heavy weights!) to yoga, and Pilates. If I’m putting in max effort, 60 minutes gets the job done.

Go-to exercise: My signature move is called "The Scorpion," which lifts and tightens the booty. Here's how to do it: Starting on all fours, lift one leg up behind body (knee pointed out to the side) and reach toes up and around toward opposite shoulder (like a scorpion’s tail). From there, do small, isolated pulses. You’ll feel the burn!

Motivational mantra: If you want it badly enough, you will find a way; if you don't, you will find an excuse. The mind is the most powerful muscle. Connect there and your body will follow!

Alanna Zabel

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celebrity yoga instructor, AZIAM

Workout routine: I am a huge believer in consistency over intensity. I do some form of exercise every morning—a brisk walk and 15 minutes of yoga at the very least, or ideally a 90-minute cardio session followed by my Yoga Barre™ flow exercises. I blend flow yoga, Pilates, and barre into one seamless workout.

Since my diet is incredibly clean, I don’t need long cardio workouts to maintain my shape. I make sure to get three quality cardio sessions in each week (spinning or hiking), mostly for cardiovascular, lymphatic, and mental health.

No. 1 fitness tip: Whenever I have a client who isn’t losing weight, despite working out and eating well, I tell them to go to the spa for the day. Rest is the ultimate anti-inflammatory, and it often helps break a weight-loss plateau.

Andie Hecker

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celebrity trainer/professional ballet dancer, Ballet Bodies

Workout routine: I love, love, love to swim laps. When I don't have time to get to a pool, I spend 30 to 40 minutes alternating between jump rope, rebounder (mini trampoline), and ballet jumps on the floor. Sometimes I mix it up and pull out the Bosu to make it really challenging. I'll jump/skip on and off for a song or two. For toning and sculpting, I do exercises on the Pilates machines, focusing on different body parts each day.

Go-to exercise: I love working on my butt! Any bridging series that hits the various areas of the glutes (maximus, minimus, and medius) is an ace in my book.


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