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How to Sculpt a Runway-Worthy Body

Tailor Your Workouts to Your Body

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Training a bevy of gorgeous bodies (and faces) to grace the covers of magazines and Victoria's Secret catalogs alike—Angela Lindvall, Selita Ebanks(shown here), and Elettra Widemann to name a few—Justin Gelband knows a thing or two about whipping women into shape. His number-one rule: To produce lean, toned muscles, different bodies require different workouts. Gelband told us exactly what that means for some of his A-list clients.

Irina Shayk Works Her Core

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It takes more than good genes to land the coveted cover spot on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Training 2011 cover girl Irina Shayk for more than 4 years, Gelband uses a mix of Pilates and boxing to keep her fit and bikini ready. But the real secret to those tight, flat abs is Shayk’s dedication to band exercises.

Try this move at home: Wrap a resistance band around a solid base and stand in a staggered stance far away enough to create tension. Make sure your back foot is up on toe to protect your Achilles tendon. Holding your arms at shoulder level straight in front of you, bring your back knee up and in towards your chest, bracing your core the entire time. Repeat the movement on the other side and continue alternating for 1 minute.

Kate Upton Keeps it Fresh

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To help Guess Girl Kate Upton maintain her sleek, sexy curves, Gelband incorporates multi-directional exercises into her training sessions. The celebrity trainer keeps things fresh and fun (and tones more muscles) by using a variety of exercises and equipment, including Pilates moves, boxing, medicine balls, and exercise bands. “The exercise bands allow the client to work on improving the elasticity of the muscle along with stretching and strengthening it,” Gelband says. (Ready to try? Check out the ultimate resistance-band workout here!)

Candice Swanepoel Gets a Leg Up on the Competition

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Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel might be blessed with legs for days, but she works hard to keep them perfectly toned. Gelband trains Swanepoel’s lower half by using light (2 lbs.) ankle weights while doing various agility exercises that work her legs, hips, and butt. Since agility exercises involve changes of direction, they require a lot of muscle coordination and balance. An easy way to improve balance and core strength: Add an exercise ball to your workout. “The exercise ball is great for core movement, balance, and stability, Gelband says. “It is a must-have piece of equipment for sculpting model bodies.”

Behati Prinsloo Boosts Her Backside

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Pink model Behati Prinsloo's favorite exercises are on the Pilates reformer, using moves with the ankle strap to target her rear and hips. Try this move from Gelband’s arsenal to trim and tone your hip area: Start standing in an upright position. Lean forward slightly as you raise your right leg up and out to the side from your hip. Slowly lower your leg until your right toes touch the ground then immediately raise it to the back and touch back down. That’s one rep. Do 10 repetitions with your right left and then switch to the other side. Complete 3 sets.

Anne V Forgoes Fancy Equipment

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There's not one secret to getting lean, toned arms. It's all about the individual, Gelband says. But a combo of bodyweight exercises like pushups and boxing can help ensure your limbs stay in top shape. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Anne V sculpts her arms by using her own body weight, yoga (a lot) and Pilates, according to Gelband.

Miranda Kerr Loads Up on Superfoods

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A non-believer in diets, Gelband stresses the importance of finding the right foods that work with your body. One of his favorite pre- or post-workout snacks: egg whites with spinach and turkey. Not a fan of eggs? Take a tip from VS model Miranda Kerr's healthy diet and load up on healthy greens and Chia seeds), which are packed with heart- and brain-saving omega-3 fatty acids.

Justin Gelband trains out of Mushin Mixed Martial Arts studio in New York City (78 5th Ave). You can try out his supermodel workout for yourself when he and partner Latham Thomas hold a training workshop in New York this September. For more info, visit


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