Why Jen Widerstrom Thinks You Should Say Yes to Something You'd Never Do

Being open to new experiences can have a major impact on your life.

I pride myself on my passion­ filled lifestyle, but the reality is that, most days, I operate on autopilot. We all do. But you can turn that awareness into an opportunity to make a small change that has a big impact on your day. Hear me out: I once wore a pair of new teeny, lacy underwear that was a gift-not my typical go­-to. Saying yes when I had always said no made me feel more open to things. I took a yoga class I'd never tried. I had a fruity tea instead of my Americano.

To my surprise, I loved both. Now you try it. One idea: Choose the front row in your next fitness class (here: an explanation of why you should), then watch it shift your mind­set.

You'll Rise to the Challenge

There's a level of account­ability when you're front and center. I can promise you, knowing that the instructor and other people behind you may be watching means you'll work harder and better. Plus, your effort may inspire someone else to do the same.

You'll Find Your Swagger

When you walk out of there, you'll be happier and more confident-I want you to use that energy in the rest of your day. Crush your work meeting. Rally friends for drinks later. Work whatever room you walk into. (Try these other confidence boosters.)

You'll Be More Adventurous

Like me, you probably also cook the same things out of habit. Go ahead, experiment a little. (How about an alternative to your daily coffee?) New tastes can expand your palate and give you ideas for reinventing old favorites. You'll see there's so much out there that you can try-and so much more you're capable of cooking!

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