"I was crying every single day. I was losing it."

By Renee Cherry

In a cover interview with our sister magazine, Parents, fitness influencer Massy Arias opened up about suffering from postpartum depression and anxiety after giving birth to her daughter, Indi.

"The postpartum period was the hardest thing I've ever gone through, made worse because I was determined to breastfeed but my nipples were a bleeding mess," she told Parents. "Those first weeks, I would forget to eat. I would forget to bathe. It was all Indi, Indi, Indi. If she napped, I couldn't sleep because I'd have to check to make sure she was breathing. I had so much anxiety. 'Am I doing this right? Why is she crying so much? Those frickin' hiccups, when will they go away?' I was crying every single day. I was losing it." (This mom wants you to understand the "dark side" of pregnancy and motherhood.)

Arias found that it helped to join a mothers' group. And she knew from previous experience with depression and anxiety that once she could start exercising again, it would make her feel better. She started to exercise as soon as she got clearance from her doctor.

"I did start again four weeks postpartum," Arias said. "But some followers wrote things like, 'Oh Massy, you are supposed to be resting, not getting your body back.' But I wasn't worried about my body; I needed to feel better. Comments implying I wasn't doing what was best for Indi messed with my head." (Related: Running Helped Me Finally Beat My Postpartum Depression)

Arias set the record straight on Instagram. "My main goal isn't to 'SnapBack' to my old body like society expects you to," she captioned a photo. "Even though looking in shape is rewarding and boosts your confidence, working out has never been about that for me."

Once Arias was able to work out again, she started bringing Indi to the gym so she'd be able to exercise. "Slowly I started feeling like I knew what was right for us," she said. Now she regularly makes it work by strapping Indi to her back during a workout or using her stroller as resistance.

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February 6, 2018
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