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NBC's New Fitness Competition Show "Strong" Is All About the Sex Appeal


Fitness is sexy all on its own—all those dripping-sweat, heart-racing, push-your-body-to-the-limits moments make the resulting "sexy body" just seem like an extra perk. But NBC's new fitness competition show, Strong is adding even more sex appeal; it pairs 10 women with some of the nation's hottest trainers to lose weight and transform their lives for the top reality show title.

The show premieres April 13 and boasts a "high level of difficulty" and "a really human quality," host and former professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece told PEOPLE magazine of the show.

Some of the trainers include Adam Von Rothfelder, a former professional MMA fighter, personal trainer, and owner of CoMo in Milwaukee, and Dan Wells, CrossFit competitor and instructor (both pictured above). (Guys we'd also consider for the role: 50 of the Hottest Trainers in America.)

"The trainers are badass," Reece said, "and they're not awful to look at!"

To be fair, all trainers we know are pretty damn sexy. (When you #fitness for a living, it's hard not to be.) And, of course, everyone that busts their butts with these trainers is hot as well, just for trying. But if NBC wants to try to boost viewership by marketing their show with trainer man candy? Well, we won't necessarily say no. (And if you want more of that, take a bite out of our 30-Day Heart-Rate Boosting Hot Guy HIIT Challenge. Yum.)

This comes in the wake of other reality shows riding on the trendy fitness wave, like Jillian Michael's Sweat Inc., Work Out New York, Shaun T's My Diet is Better Than Yours, but Strong looks like it's relying on that extra hotness to beat out the competition. While we love all good workout reality shows, we hope Strong will keep the focus on the fitness.


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