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Top 6 Celebrity Training Secrets

Jaime Pressly: Amazing Abs

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Trainer Mike Jones keeps Jaime in top shape with four days of circuit training a week. Although he frequently changes her routine to prevent boredom, two things stay the same: "Most of the exercises we do work multiple muscles at once and there's no rest between sets," says Jones. Do these exercises back-to-back to torch calories while you sculpt.

Jennifer Aniston: Sculpted Shoulders

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Known for her devotion to yoga and Pilates, Jen avoids heavy lifting to keep her muscles long and lean. These three exercises can do the same for you: Use these moves to get shapely shoulders without adding bulk.

Hilary Swank: Beautiful Back

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Grant Roberts, who whipped Hilary into top shape for Million Dollar Baby, used high-intensity lifting, boxing, and jumping rope to help her achieve her famously sculpted back. Get your sexy back started with this routine. You'll get all the basics you need for jaw-dropping definition.

Mischa Barton: Buff Butt

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No matter what the tabloids say, we think Mischa's booty looks hot. She does conditioning with weights, kickboxing, Pilates and yoga to give her bum a boost. Target your tush with this ultimate butt workout.

Courteney Cox: Lean Legs

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Courteney Cox, who was once an avid runner, has recently added much more variety to her exercise arsenal. From Pilates and yoga to tennis, surfing, and martial arts, she does it all. When she really wants to target her legs, Courteney turns to resistance bands and leg weights. Check out this mini resistance band tabata workout.

Sheryl Crow: Awesome Arms

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Sheryl Crow has done it all from running and biking to weight training, plyometrics, martial arts, yoga, and more. A wide variety of exercises and a stellar work ethic keep her arms in top shape. Twice a week, do 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps of each of these moves to tone and tighten your arms.

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