Twitterview with Celebrity Trainer Harley Pasternak

He'll be answering your questions about getting—and staying fit this year


What would you ask a celebrity trainer if you had the chance? Got it? Good! Because on Thursday, February 2nd trainer to the stars Harley Pasternak will be answering all of your questions about getting-and staying fit in the new year. Harley works with the biggest names in Hollywood from Lady Gaga to Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Kate Beckinsale just to name a few. That's why we were so excited to pin him down for an hour to talk about the fitness goals and challenges of our readers. Sure, most of us could never afford sessions with Harley but it doesn't mean we don't want to look as good as his celebrity clients. Get your questions ready and tune in on Thursday, February 2nd at 4pm EST.

What will Harley be talking about?

How he personally stays fit and what he eats

The most efficient workouts

How often you need to hit the gym to see results

Snacks to keep you on track

Getting over plateaus

And of course, answering your questions.

Join the discussion by following @Shape_Magazine and @HarleyPaskernak. If you're not on twitter simply head over to and enter hashtag #resolution to see the conversation in real time.

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