The USA Network star reveals her food obsession that she eats—or drinks at almost every meal!


You may know Sarah Rafferty as Donna, Harvey Specter's sharp-minded assistant from the USA network's hit legal drama Suits, but she is taking a leading role in her health. The actress, who loves Pilates, also works with a trainer in Los Angeles at Winsor Pilates and lifts weights. But when it comes to cardio, it's got to be outside. The actress told us she loves hiking in the canyon, running stairs, or doing step-ups in the park. When she's tight on time, Rafferty creates her own 20-minute mini boot camp in the park. The one thing you won't see her doing out there? Abs exercises. She told us, "I hate all the core stuff. That's why I have to have a trainer. That's the only way I'm going to do the abs work."

But Rafferty is much more do-it-yourself when it comes to healthy eating. At the beginning of every week, she makes a huge pot of veggie soup, which she keeps on hand for quick and healthy meals as her schedule gets busy. To avoid boredom, she'll shake things up by adding brown rice one day, and ground turkey another. But one food she'll never tire of is almonds! Rafferty doesn't just stock her pantry with the healthy nut, she also keeps almond milk, almond butter, and dark chocolate covered almonds on hand for healthy snacking.

When she's really short on time, the actress relies on Meal in a Glass a protein shake that contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. And, as to be expected, Rafferty mixes the concoction with almond milk, or if she's had an almond overdose, coconut water. Other quick snacks Rafferty relies on include Fuji apples and sliced turkey with honey mustard. But when it's time to indulge it's all about the berry crumble. "I have a sweet tooth. I love dessert and if somebody makes me one, I'm going to have it," the USA star told us. Other treats she loves include coconut ice cream, dark chocolate, and Ezekiel muffins.