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Top Bikini Models of All Time: Where Are They Now?

Bikini Models: Heidi Klum Then

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Heidi Klum is the definitive hot bikini model. The German beauty was a fan favorite in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition and one of Victoria's Secret's most famous Angels. Here, Heidi walks the runway at the 2003 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Bikini Models: Heidi Klum Now

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Heidi Klum's career just won't stop. The mother of four is the host, judge and executive producer of Project Runway and has her own line of jewelry, as well as various clothing lines and fragrances. Still, Heidi manages to stay in amazing shape, and she is fighting to end heart disease, too. Check out our exclusive Q&A with the multitasking model.

Bikini Models: Naomi Campbell Then

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Naomi Campbell was one of the most recognizable faces (and bodies) during the supermodel era of the early 90s. Discovered at the age of 15, the British model worked the runway (seen here in a bikini from Chanel's 1994 ready-to-wear collection), starred in numerous music videos and broke fashion's color barrier by being one of the first black models to make the cover of many magazines.

Bikini Models: Naomi Campbell Now

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Naomi Campbell remains a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. She is still a presence on the runway and a contributing editor for several high fashion publications. While not without her share of controversies and legal battles, Naomi does extensive charity work. Make your workout do double duty with these fit events that raise money for a good cause.

Bikini Models: Kathy Ireland Then

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In 1989 Kathy Ireland appeared on the cover of SI's most popular Swimsuit Edition ever—which is why she was featured in 13 consecutive issues after that. The California native started an acting career in the late 80s and founded Kathy Ireland Worldwide in the early 90s.

Photo: Paolo Curto for Sports Illustrated

Bikini Models: Kathy Ireland Now

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The success of Kathy Ireland Worldwide (the company brings in a reported $1.5 billion each year) prompted Forbes to call Kathy the "prototype for model-turned mogul." Kathy is also the author of six books, including one about her 25-pound weight gain and loss. Kathy's not the only celeb who has transformed her body. See more of Hollywood's most dramatic before and after photos.

Bikini Models: Molly Sims Then

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Molly Sims started her modeling career later than most of the bikini models featured on our list, but we couldn't leave out this Kentucky native's perfect beach body. In 2000, the former host of MTV's House of Style made her first appearance in SI's Swimsuit Edition. Molly is seen here at MTV's Fashionably Loud presents the Sports Illustrated 2002 Swimsuit Issue - Show.

Bikini Models: Molly Sims Now

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Molly Sims made a smooth transition from modeling to acting and went on to star in all five seasons of NBC's Las Vegas. Molly added designer to her credentials in 2010, launching her own jewelry line. The 37-year-old works out with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson to stay in amazing shape. Steal the best stay-fit tips from more of Hollywood's top trainers.

Bikini Models: Rebecca Romijn Then

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Rebecca Romijn began her modeling career in 1991, working the runway and starring in ad campaigns for Victoria's Secret. The blonde bombshell was on the cover of the 1999 SI Swimsuit Edition. Here, Rebecca Romijn poses for a 'Got Milk' ad in New York's Time Square in 1998.

Bikini Models: Rebecca Romijn Now

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Rebecca Romijn's successful acting career almost makes us forget that it wasn't her first job. The wife and mother of two starred in three X-Men movies (2000, 2003, 2006) and was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for her role on ABC's Ugly Betty. Rebecca takes long hikes and bike rides with her family. If you like being active with your family, consider one of these four fit getaways.

Bikini Models: Christie Brinkley Then

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Christie Brinkley's 20-year contract with CoverGirl is the longest in modeling history. The California surfer girl has appeared on more than 500 magazine covers, including SI's Swimsuit Edition for three consecutive years (1979, 1980, 1981). Brinkley is seen here in 1983 in a still from National Lampoon's Vacation.

Bikini Models: Christie Brinkley Now

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Over time, Christie Brinkley dabbled in acting, illustrating, writing and designing, in addition to her involvement in many worldwide charities. The 56-year-old mother of three is still a knockout, finding creative ways to work exercise into her daily routine. In this exclusive interview, Christie reveals the diet that keeps her looking this amazing.

Bikini Models: Tyra Banks Then

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Tyra Banks signed her first modeling contract at age 17 and then booked a record 25 fashion shows during her first week in Paris. Tyra was the first African American to appear on the cover of GQ and the SI Swimsuit Edition. Here, Tyra walks the runway in the 2003 Victoria's Secret Spring Fashion show.

Bikini Models: Tyra Banks Now

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As the host of her own talk show, the creator and host of the CW's America's Next Top Model and the co-creator of ABC's True Beauty, Tyra Banks has successfully gone from model to media mogul. The media has scrutinized her post-modeling body, but we think the 37-year-old looks great! (Here are Tyra's tips to love your body.)


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