The World Cup champion soccer player tells us what she packed in her Olympic makeup bag

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: September 21, 2016

In our quest to find the best waterproof mascaras or sweat-proof sunscreens that don't feel gross, we're always asking trainers and athletes for the products they love and rely on. (If something holds up for them, it's gotta work for us mere mortals, right?) So when we had the chance to find out which products Team USA's Kelley O'Hara uses on and off the field, we got pretty excited. (She just so happens to be a Coppertone athlete, too.)

The Olympic gold medal soccer player shares she never goes without sunscreen-whether she's actually outside playing soccer or just running around town-and is all about using a brow pencil for a full, natural look. (Psst: Here's how to get flawless brows in less than two minutes.) And sure, she might not wear tons of makeup on the field, but off-duty she's all about rocking some mascara and a bold lip (yes, she has a signature shade).



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