The former RHONY star dishes about her "crazy Kelly" rep after her second season on the show

By Karen Borsari

If there were an Emmy for Most Improved Housewife, New York City's Kelly Bensimon would've had a lock on the prize. During her run on Real Housewives of New York, the former model, jewelry designer, author, editor, and mom was known for her over-the-top behavior. These days, she's churning out novels-her first, A Dangerous Age, and second, The Second Course, are both written under her maiden name Kelly Killoren. After two seasons on the show, Kelly sat down with Shape for this exclusive interview during the September 2011 issue covershoot to debunk the trash talk and set the record straight.

Hear Kelly dish on the evolution of her workout routine-from running as a model and riding horses with her kids to hitting up the hottest cycling studios in NYC. No matter what the activity, though, Kelly emphasizes that it's all about health vs. appearance: "There's nothing better than having a body that functions and works and can move, and doesn't just look good standing still," she says. Ditto on her diet philosophy; Kelly says she's more worried about setting a good example for her daughter and taking care of her body, and that she's not interested in starving herself or adopting a crazy or restrictive diet.

Watch the behind-the-scenes of her covershoot to glean some actually-genius wisdom from the so-called "crazy" housewife, then see what else Kelly shared with Shape:



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