We went backstage with two of the dancers in this year's Christmas Spectacular for all the details.

By Renee Cherry
December 13, 2017

The Radio City Rockettes are so on-point that it's easy to overlook the amount of effort that goes into each performance. First off, the dancers all have enough stamina to perform around 300 kicks per show, which alone would leave most people out of breath. But they also execute each move with insane synchronicity and, of course, smile like it's NBD. (Here's exactly what it takes to become a Rockette in terms of fitness.)

If you're curious about what the audience doesn't get to see at this year's Christmas Spectacular, check out this BTS video. Two members of the dance company gave us an inside look at where they get ready for a show and share everything that goes into prepping. In the dressing room, the ladies talk about how they lock in their hair and makeup so it'll last. (Yes, they DIY!) They talk about how they take care of themselves between shows, their recovery tricks, and how they keep their energy up. Then, it's on to the quick change area where the dancers share some details about their iconic costumes. Finally, you'll see some of the special effects that light up the largest indoor theater in the world.

Next up: See how the dancers train during their on- and off-seasons in our Facebook Live workout with the Rockettes.


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