The actress shows off her dance skills on the Late Late Show in a class led by little kids

Gwyneth Paltrow's dancing chops were put to the test last night when she stopped by The Late Late Show host for an epic lesson of toddlerography with James Cordan. Like Jenna Dewan Tatum before her, Paltrow channeled the '80s, decked out in a skin tight black Lycra paired with an old-school sweatband to keep her blonde locks in place. (We're getting some major Meet the Tenenbaums vibes!)

The duo started by performing a series of stretches to bump up their heart rates and prepare them for what they were up against. "I heard they made Beyonce cry," Cordan told Paltrow of their instructors. "Just don't look her in the eye," Paltrow comforted him as one of their miniature instructors fiercely struts into the room.

As Irene Cara's "What a Feeling" starts to play, Paltrow and Cordan do their best to keep up with the hysterically complex interpretive dance moves. One moment they're running towards a wall at full-speed; the next, they're tumbling down to the floor.

Nothing, though, was quite as hilarious as when they were forced to emulate exaggerated hip thrusts and body rolls-which seemed to present quite a challenge for the Late Late Show host, who looked overwhelmed as the class came to and end. Paltrow, however, seemed like a pro (maybe her time on Glee prepped her for the dance spotlight?).

"That was intense," Cordan told Paltrow while trying to catch his breath, and Paltrow had to agree. The toddler instructors were good sports though, and once things settled down, everyone came together for a well-deserved drink-of apple juice, of course.