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Iskra Lawrence Strips Down In Emotional Body Confidence Video

Iskra Lawrence has quickly become the poster girl for body confidence and acceptance—literally. She appears on billboards for Aerie with zero touching, and always keeps it real on her Instagram account, which has quickly amassed 2.3 million followers. (As she says, "ain't nothing wrong with keepin it real n not retouching.. If you feel flawless you are flawless." Preach.)

Now, she's partnered with StyleLikeU for their new "What's Underneath" series. In the video, which starts with Lawrence fully clothed, the model gets brutally honest about her battle with body image and the pressures she felt to change her body from a young age. (Check out our interview with the model: Iskra Lawrence Wants You to Stop Calling Her Plus-Size)


"For so many years I thought I wasn't good enough," she says of the time when she first signed on with a modeling agency at just 13. Lawrence goes on to explain how she went on fad diets in an attempt to shrink her hips, always working out and in calorie-deficit. "I was googling things like, is there an operation to cut my calf muscles? Crazy things," she says.

By the end of the video, crying in her underwear, Lawrence talks about how she came to love her body, curves and all, and why she's decided to dedicate herself to promoting body positivity and changing the way young girls see themselves. "When you are happy and at one with yourself and have come to peace with who you are, to me, that's beauty," she says.


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