Lizzo Shared a Powerful Video of Her Daily Self-Love Affirmations

"I am learning to radically love every part of myself. Even if it means talking to myself every morning."

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One quick scroll through Lizzo's Instagram page and you're sure to find tons of feel-good, soul-soaring vibes, whether she's hosting a live meditation to help followers practice mindfulness or reminding us how joyful it can be to celebrate our bodies. Her latest post speaks to anyone who has ever struggled with what they see in the mirror or felt insecure about their body (so, hi, all of us!), and she shared the go-to affirmation she uses every day to honor her body.

"I started talking to my belly this year," Lizzo shared in the caption of her post-shower Instagram video. "Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises."

Continuing in the caption, Lizzo opened up about the time she spent "hating" her stomach. "I used to want to cut my stomach off. I hated it so much," she wrote. "But it's literally ME. I am learning to radically love every part of myself. Even if it means talking to myself every morning." She then invited followers to share in her self-love, writing, "This is your sign to love on yourself today! ❤️" (

In the clip, the "Good As Hell" crooner takes some time to talk to herself in the mirror, massaging her stomach as she says aloud, "I love you so much. Thank you so much for keeping me happy, for keeping me alive. Thank you. I'm gonna continue to listen to you — you deserve all the space in the world to breathe, expand, and contract, and give me life. I love you." She paired her self-talk with some deep breaths, kisses to her belly, and a little wiggle at the end.

If you've never tried using positive self-talk and affirmations, you might be surprised to know it's a powerful, science-backed way to help shift your overall mindset — not just your relationship with the skin you're in. While it might feel a bit odd at first to talk to yourself, research suggests that finding a message that resonates with you — whether it's something like, "I am a confident, purposeful person with so much to offer the world" or, "I am so grateful for the skin I'm in" — and repeating it as often as you like, can actually help light up some of the brain's reward centers, giving you the same pleasurable feelings you might experience when you eat your favorite food or see someone you love.

"Affirmation takes advantage of our reward circuits, which can be quite powerful," researcher Christopher Cascio, an assistant professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin, said in a press release for a study exploring the effects of self-affirmation on the brain. "Many studies have shown that these circuits can do things like dampen pain and help us maintain balance in the face of threats." (Ashley Graham is also a big fan of using mantras and body-positive affirmations for self-love, BTW.)

Basically, if you focus on your strengths, past successes, and overall positive vibes, you can help reframe your future outlook — and potentially even reduce your stress levels in high-pressure situations moving forward. Research from Carnegie Mellon University suggests that doing a brief self-affirmation practice right before a stressful event (think: a school exam or a job interview) might "eliminate" the effects of stress on problem-solving and performance in that stressful situation.

Looking to amp up those self-love vibes in your own daily routine? Here are 12 things you can do to feel good in your body right now, from mantras and affirmations to mindful movement.

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