Watch Pilates instructor Lauren Boggi, founder of the Lithe Method and Cardio Cheer Sculpting, go through a speed round interview.

By Lauren Mazzo
Updated: December 21, 2016

If you ever 1) thought Pilates was boring, 2) thought cheerleaders weren't tough as hell, or 3) thought that trainers need to be ripped or jacked or scary, you've never met Lauren Boggi, founder of Lauren Boggi Active, the Lithe Method, and Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting (a Pilates-cheerleading mash-up that pulls from her days as a Division 1A cheerleader at the University of South Carolina).

We caught up with her on set for a shoot as part of Reebok's #PerfectNever campaign, where she opened up about what it's like to work as a fitness pro and all the perfection pressure that comes with it. If you can't tell from the video above, she's crazy confident, despite what anyone has ever said about whether or not she could make it in this industry.

Clearly, she's proving all her haters wrong. If you haven't heard of her patented Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting method, first check out one of her workouts. Don't let the word "cheer" fool you-this stuff is intense (as is the sport its based off of). (Don't believe it? Just try this extra hard plank move. Your core is about to be on fire.)

And just because her workouts are tough doesn't mean they're not fun-just like her. In this speed round interview, we asked her all sorts of questions from "what's your favorite vegetable?" or "what's the least healthy thing in your fridge right now?" to "would you rather give up sex or working out for 30 days?" (It's a tough one, we know.) Boggi gets goofy and even drops some cheer vocab in there. (Which you should probably learn, because it might be an Olympic sport soon.)

Watch for yourself-we'll guarantee you'll want to book a spot in one of her classes (or at least follow her on Instagram), stat.


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