Our executive beauty director Cheryl Kramer Kaye breaks down the fitness and beauty routines of Lea Michele, Julianne Hough, and Jessica Alba

Julianne Hough

Whether she's doing yoga, taking a class with Tracy Anderson, or working out with her trainer Astrid Swan McGuire (we've got their full-body, high-intensity workout here), Hough always aims to 'shock her body' by trying new things, she told us when she graced our cover. She's also committed to staying hydrated, always toting a huge water bottle with her to and from the gym, which shows in her dewy, radiant complexion. (She also credits Proactiv for her flawless, no-need-for-makeup skin.) And as Kaye notes, with her sun-kissed skin and beachy blonde waves (Hough tells us she's a 'closeted hair and makeup artist' who enjoys doing it all herself!) she's pretty much the queen of California beauty.

Lea Michele

The clean-eating, green juice-loving SoulCycle fanatic is one of our constant sources of workout inspo. In addition to spinning, she's into Pilates, yoga, and hiking, and has a crazy fit body to show for it. (See: 20 Times Lea Michele Inspired Us to Work Out.) When it comes to her sporty beauty routine, Lea Michele is all about throwing her hair into a high ponytail or top knot, which she then lets out post-workout for loose, tousled waves, Kaye explains. (And, like Hough, she definitely doesn't need to hide behind makeup, as she shows in this makeup-free selfie mid-hike.)

Jessica Alba

When it comes to fitness and beauty, there's no one better to look to than Jessica Alba, who recently introduced a beauty line through her mega-successful Honest Company brand. (We spoke to Alba about how she built a billion dollar business.) She's also a workout fanatic with a crazy toned, athletic body who, as she shared with us last year in her cover interview, loves mixing up her workouts with spin classes, power yoga, and bodyweight moves like squat jumps and burpees. When it comes to her post-sweat look, Alba neutralizes redness with a tinted moisturizer and then follows up with a hydrating balm across her cheeks for a dewy look, Kaye explains.