Because there's skateboarding, and then there's SLAYboarding

By Lauren Mazzo

Even if you're not plugged into extreme sports or skating culture, all it takes is a quick scroll through Brazilian Leticia Bufoni's Instagram feed to see that this girl has serious skills. At just 24 years old, she's running the show as the resident female skateboard expert, snagging ESPY nominations, and X Games gold medals left and right.

Bufoni, originally from São Paulo, Brazil, now lives in Los Angeles but spends almost all her time traveling. Just this weekend, she competed in at Red Bull Hart Lines at Hart Plaza in Detroit for the first time, as the only female in a field of 22 international pro skaters. She may not have qualified for the finals, but she killed it as the sole female skater in a tough field of skaters.

Being the only female skater doesn't phase her; it motivates her to be even better. "I don't compete with the guys all the time-just a few times," she says. "It's always fun because it pushes me to do better every time." (You'll love the story of how she got involved in skating-despite the fact that she was the only little girl out there.)

And she's tired of people assuming skateboarding is a dudes-only environment: "Women CAN skate," she says. "A lot of people say women can't skate – but they can and they can skate really well."

One of the things she credits for getting her this far is her workout and functional training schedule, which she started five to six years ago. "I do it every day because I love working out, it's part of my life," she says. "If you don't train when you skate, you can get hurt really easy. I feel like the workouts I do outside of skateboarding helps me A LOT when I'm on my board."

Her routine includes a lot of mobility training and balance training with a personal trainer in Los Angeles, as well as moves using her skateboard when she's on the road with limited gym access.

Try one of her go-to moves: the Rolling Lunge. Start standing with one foot on a skateboard (or try using a paper plate if you're on carpet, or a towel if you're on a wood floor). Lower into the lunge, rolling or sliding the rear foot back. Press into the front foot and roll/slide the rear foot forward to return to start. (Add this move into a full towel routine for a total-body workout.)

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